Sunday, 30 January 2011

She shoots! She....misses...

There, Lesley, bet you didn't know I was capable of a football analogy did you?

I was however not in knee socks and polyester shorts or a large diamond ear stud when I weighed myself, nor did I have a tonne of hair product on - the football analogy kind of stops with me missing my goal. Reader I am now Fat.1, not the Fat.0 I was aiming for, nor the Porky.13 I was hoping for as a result of my good behaviour and 24 miles of cycling. I lost a lb. Patently better than nothing of course. But to keep to my goals I'm going to have to lose 2lbs every week next month which I do not have much form for. And February has a few potential stumbling blocks I know of - and doubtless a few I don't - we're going to Suffolk to borrow a friend's house for a weekend mid Feb and although there will be walking, there will also be a meal out, then we're going to a friend's lunch party at the end of Feb and there's also Pancake Day (mmmm). Of course, in theory that 49 point buffer should protect me from all these eventualities as long as I'm careful, but I only used less than half last week and it didn't exactly help me with a good loss (and I earned quite a few - untouched - activity points).

There's a wedding show coming up that I'd quite like to go to but feel that I would be mocked and despised for being overweight - probably not overtly. I know that I wouldn't want to do business with anyone who was like that but it's still a scarring experience. Next year would be too late - but there's possibly one in the Autumn I could go to instead when I should (fingers crossed) be quite a bit lighter. It's just we could do with a few ideas now! Bf is getting in a bit of a tizz about money - I do agree up to a point and I certainly want this to be as lovely an experience as possible for both of us so I'm trying to really address and allay his fears.

Yesterday we went to see the venue that we both thought would be the one. Reader, it was freezing. Outside but inside too. The woman was rather sniffy about this and said that guests would clearly wrap up for the ceremony in the medieval hall - but what about me?! I'd like to wear a faux-fur wrap but it wouldn't be enough. And what of my bridesmaids? Especially my flower girl - poor thing. And it felt as if it were all about them and the money which put us off too. Nope, definitely not. We're going to see another venue next week which again, we both hope will work out - it's not as impressive a building from the outside but it's still a castle, it's cheaper and you supply your own booze (no corkage!) which means we could be more generous to our guests. We really want it to work out.

We also went for lunch at a dear little tearoom we've been to before. I used most of my points allocation on lunch and with my evening meal of mussels being a rather shocking 10pps, I have dipped into the bank of points more than I ever have before. I had a welsh rarebit muffin and then a scone with cream and jam - SO worth it, absolutely delicious! Consolation for a rather frugal and wine-less supper. I'd also used some on Friday night when we ended up - unplanned - in Pizza Express after an exhibition at the British Museum (Book of the Dead - very good). It's a lot of points for not a lot of taste in their Leggera range - and because it's one of the restaurants WW have bothered to point, I keep going there, reluctantly. We had walked a couple of miles in the freezing night to get there too.

Right, had better go and do some work now.


starfish264 said...

A lb is great. I've honestly found that everytime I've set myself targets of losing "x"lbs per week, I've failed it - it's too much pressure to try and maintain what is actually quite a high rate of loss. Much better to just aim for a steady but slow rate of loss and know that you'll get there in the end. Give yourself a bit of slack - you're doing fine. x

Claire said...

You know sometimes with the way you quantify your weight I wonder if in fact you are really 9 stone and just paranoid! It's really hard to tell.

Otherwise I agree with starfish. x

Linz M said...

A pound off is in the right direction - don't be so hard on yourself lady!


claire said...

1lb a week is 4 stones in a year. It is not to be sniffed at! And the cycling may have caused your muscles to retain water - it happens to people I know after exercising and they always get upset.

And any wedding fair that mocks you for your weight is not worth your attendance! Have you tried one of the vintage wedding fairs? MUCH nicer than those awful giant halls full of satiny abominations and cake-buying pressure

Big White Granny Panties said...

I am new to this blog- wandered over from Onederland - the former WeightyWino. I say SCREW the haters at the Wedding Show. It's your wedding anyway. Besides, if they are haters, then they are jealous of lovely you and your lovely BF.

I do have one question: I am an American and do not know how much "9 Stone" is. It sounds lighter than my gianormous weight in pounds.

xo Thanks for your blog. It helps me to read it.

Yours, GP