Monday, 10 January 2011

Flu blues

I have the lurgy. I am shivery, cotton wool of leg and mind and with a pulsating expanding brain (full of cotton wool I suppose) seemingly trying to escape my skull. I am also more sorry for myself than any grown woman should be.

It is not helped by bf saying disapprovingly yesterday "Are you eating more chocolate because you're ill? I don't remember you eating this much chocolate last year." Well he's right and he's wrong. Looking back on this site I see that I was South Beaching this time last year (beached as I was like a whale on Isla Blubba at a stone heavier than my current porky state) but at least on WW (baffling as those sodding pps are) I can have a square or two of chocolate a night. Or a Curly Wurly like last night. May I just say that that Curly Wurly has been in the fridge since NOVEMBER! I thank you...

I struggled heroically into work as I have an extremely pressing and even more irritating piece of work that I have to do. It didn't help with either the illness or the self-pity. And I have to continue on it tomorrow. But I did see a friend tonight which made all the difference - that couple of hours after work to chat, moan and laugh helped me to shake the day off and perked me right up (thanks R!).

I also have ordered a Keen's Simple Diary - it arrived today. It's a curious beast. It's a non-dated diary which poses questions for each day you care to fill it in. I am a very literal girl and I find it slightly disconbobulating - and I think this experience will be good for me. The first page for example -

Your day was:
A party
A U turn
A smarty

Explain why

(Answer: a U turn - a horrid day followed by a pleasant early evening. WHAT is a smarty??)

Feeling at home
1. opening an organized, odorless refridgerator filled with everything you like [it's American I guess]
2. A mess of your own making, reassuring diversions to keep you busy and engaged in every corner
3. The same person or animal that sometimes makes you want to leave your home

(Answer: 2)

Are you at peace with your hair?

(Answer: No)

With respect to your generousity:
a) no comment
b) some take advantage
c) fifty fifty

(Answer: b although not important people and as the owner of a very swanky new bicycle bell (amongst others) after tonight, it's not a good time to ask this for my clarity of mind)

Hopefully filling in this piece of catalogued eccentricity will keep my fingers out of the metaphorical (or literal) cookie jar when I go back to the bafflement of WW.

I started pointing for tomorrow and the spaghetti bolognaise I made with turkey mince was a frustrating and bewildering 12 points. And I have no idea of what to have for lunch, sigh. And eek. I only have about 5 points to 'spend'.


starfish264 said...

What's in the bolognaise that's making it so high in points? I assume there's 6 points on spaghetti? Can you reduce the volume of meat and pad out with vegetables? Is there wine in there that you don't need,or can just be reduced? Less oil - you don't need much - I use an olive oil spray and then top up with water when I'm sauteeing / frying off meat and veg.

I quite often have a 12 point dinner - I don't think that's neccesarily a problem - it rather depends how you're using the rest of your points during the day - what do you have for breakfast and lunch?

Seren said...

Poor thing, hope you feel better soon. Kudos on keeping a Curly Wurly for so long, it wouldn't happen in our household.

A lot of the main meals on the WW website are 12 points or higher, so I can only assume that they expect you to be using that sort of number on the main meal of the day and that it's no bad thing.