Friday, 14 January 2011

And the forecast is...dreary

I hauled myself in today to be greeted by a colleague “Wow, you look ropey” – gee, thanks. I’m on call tomorrow and I didn’t want to lumber anyone else with having to do it so I had to come in. But after a maximum of 3 hours sleep, I’m not on sparkling form.

Now that I’ve changed my WI day to Friday, I had to enter my weight in the WW online gizmo for the second time this week. Now, had I not weighed myself yesterday I would have been very pleased to have lost 2lbs since then. And indeed it’s churlish not to be pleased – I AM pleased but...but... I seem to have put ON 2lbs from yesterday when I had lost 4lbs! I know, I know, glass half empty (fewer points that way, see?!) but I stuck to points scrupulously yesterday (and indeed all week) so I am mystified as to why I apparently put on 2lbs in less than 24 hours.

I did have a lovely dinner last night – some roasted ratatouille from the freezer (I cooked it first obviously), a baked sweet potato (with butter!) and a tuna steak. To be honest, the ratatouille and sweet potato were the scrumptious things – I wasn’t fussed by the tuna. Maybe I inadvertently ingested calories when I kept swallowing the lump in my throat when watching The Time Traveller’s Wife (bf was out!).

I have a dull as ditchwater weekend ahead: on call until Sunday morning and then taking the Christmas decorations to stash in my mum’s loft. Still, it’s a good time to be on call as I don’t feel well enough to actually do anything – so I’m not missing out. It does mean no lie-in though – gahhhh. Have a fun one for me!


Love Cat said...

Well done for struggling in to work. That's so nice of you to go in so that no-one else has to be on call.

I find it SO hard to stick to an eating plan of any kind other than copious, when not well.

So that's two gold stars for Peridot!

Hope the weekend of rest sorts you out. x

Seren said...

2 pounds is a fab loss especially when feeling poorly (which usually makes my eating go totally to pot). Well done you!


Lesley said...

That baked sweet potato sounds delish. Does it cook a bit quicker than a normal spud?? Might try one. Higher GI than normal spud?

I'm craving chocolate right now - not like me but it's struggle right now not to eat something bad when all I really want is some chocolate!!

Have a good weekend chuck and well done on the 2lbs off.

Lesley xx

Call Me Ishmael said...

Two pounds -- pretty good, either way! Hope you are feeling better. Just out of curiosity, what do you do? Sounds exciting to be "on call."