Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Gobble, gobble

Well, I've given in and I'm off sick. I feel very guilty about this but I feel truly awful - so what else can I do? Don't you hate it that when you're off sick, you're always too ill to actually enjoy it?

I'm resisting the urge to self-medicate with copious quantities of chocolate and instead made a chicken soup yesterday afternoon (Jewish penicillin apparently - apologies to anyone who is actually Jewish reading this who is probably thinking in some exasperation "It's just SOUP already" (sorry!). I'd actually quite like to be Jewish if I didn't have to give up bacon, prawns, lobster etc and embrace the whole god thing. It seems to revolve around lots of specific occasions to eat and so I figure I'd have a natural advantage). Stupid, STUPID WW pointer thing told me solemnly that a whole raw chicken was 52 pps! I mean, really, what, was this chicken the size of a toddler, stuffed with cream cakes and sugar and basted with lard and golden syrup? Ugh, actually. I weighed out the meat I put back into the soup and counted it as drumstick meat and it came out as 2pps per portion (4 for the soup once I'd added a little pearl barley and sweetcorn as well as pointfree veg): that's more like it. It's always satisfying to make - I have 4 big portions of soup and 200g of breast meat that I tucked into the freezer for a stir fry or something another day. And a bag of scraps for my mother's greedy Labradors.

Which brings me on to other fowl: my turkey bolognaise was not an experiment to be repeated. Which is a shame as I have 2 more portions in the freezer. I cannot get on with turkey mince - it's just too chunky and tasteless. And for a point-busting 12 points for the bolognaise with a little wholemeal pasta, SO not worth it. I've made meatballs with it in the past - dry, tasteless but almost impossible to choke down - and goulash soup, which did actually work, but I will not be quoting the late Bernard Matthews any time soon (not bootiful).

Bizarrely today I have points a-plenty. I think it's the absence of turkey bolognaise in my life. Either that or the chaos theory is manifesting itself primarily in the propoints system. It would explain a lot. Including the mystifying fact that you can either have one dry, fairly joyless Alpen light cereal bar or TWO yummy jaffa cakes for 2pps. I mean, really, which would you choose? And annoyingly I bought some weeny bags of Special K biscuity diet snack things which are 3 pps. I'll have to eat them but I'd still rather have the jaffa cakes (although I couldn't have 3 jaffa cakes which are annoyingly not 3 pps but 4. Arithmetic WW style...)

I fear I may be home for the rest of the week which will result in me getting the cold shoulder from my boss when I get back. Sigh.


Seren said...

Oh dear, feel better soon! Thank goodness for soup (although I tend to crave cream of tomato rather than chicken in times of lurgy - childhood throwback).

Ooooh and fab news about the Jaffa cakes - a brilliant mid afternoon pick me up for only 2 points.

Take care and keep warm!


Call me Ishmael said...

How dare a turkey bolognaise be that many points and not taste good? That's a blow to one's sense of fairness. Feel better soon!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Funny, that WW arithmetic!

Yes, I agree, stick with the Jaffa cakes - they sound much more satisfying than those cereal bars.

In your honor, I will retrieve my furry hat and wear it later is so high in the front, it almost looks like a parody of the other Russian fur hats. (Would you believe it was given to my husband by his office last Christmas? How does that look like a MAN'S hat???)

starfish264 said...

Or for those 3 points you could have had a Curly Wurly ... just saying - they'yre one of the bonus items that didn't really go up in points on the new system :o)

The only good use I've found for turkey mince is homemade turkey burgers. I haven't tried pointing them up on the new system yet, but they were pretty thrifty under the old one - just need some mince, finely chopped yellow or orange peppers, finely diced onion, a teaspoon or so Thai Green Curry paste to taste (also to keep moist and help bind), egg yolk to bind and a little flour to dust. Can't remember if we added other herbs, but they were actually pretty delish! I used to eat as a meal - 2 turkey burgers, open on a bun (so only one bun) with some salad or spinach, maybe some mushrooms and a little light mayo. Sweet potato wedges on the side - yum!

Lesley said...

Hope you feel better soon hon. Horrid lurgy. Just spoken to my Dad who has been ill and he sounded so down so you have my sympathy if it's bad.

Oh, and stuff the boss!!

Re turkey mince or Alpen Light bars, I've decided I'd nearly always prefer less "real" food than more "diet" food. Better for the soul and tastier.

Chin up chuck.

Lesley xx