Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Weight for it

Well a week of eating what I would do on WW but not actually pointing has left me 1lb up. I seem to be one of those big tankers – in many ways but specifically in it taking time to turn me around. This will be a week of pointing (and I’ve changed my WI day to Friday) so let’s see what difference that will make.

I was not feeling happy about myself last night as I sat – somewhat appropriately – mending the split in my skirt and watching Biggest Loser last night. We don’t have satellite so I’d never seen it before; I think it will be compulsive but shameful viewing. I thought it was too cruel to put the women in crop tops and cycle shorts for weigh ins – that poor woman with the red/blonde curly hair. Maybe they have thicker skin than me but I couldn’t bear the humiliation - £25k would not make up for that. Although I know that at least some of the attraction must be about being bullied into losing weight too. Four time in the gym a day! How dull! At least they could take them biking and hiking and do some different classes with them.

It led to some sobering thoughts as I sat and stitched along the exhausted seams of my skirt and last night when I couldn’t sleep (a habit of some 2 weeks now). I do not want to go there – admittedly I wasn’t ever as heavy as any of them (bar the daughter), but I think I could easily balloon like that if I ate exactly what I’d like to, all the time. I hate dieting but really, what’s the alternative? Well, there it was on my TV screen. Whiling away the time whilst I waited for the Sandman, I played that game – do you know it? Play it? – if I lose half a stone a month, then I’ll be Porky.0 (the new Tubby which sounded entirely too pleasant to be the reality) by April, Chubby.0 by June, Voluputous.0 by August, Normalish.0 by October and maybe then I could be Slim.7 by November when I need to at least try some wedding dresses on.

I had thought that putting on weight over the Great Christmas Feast would at least come with the consolation prize of a few more points to ‘spend’ – but no. I still struggle to understand why I am on the minimum points – the same as someone who is almost at their goal weight. And I struggle to keep to points. Yes, I know we have the 49 bonus points but I like to keep those for a couple of glasses of wine and chocolatey treat at the weekend. I pretty much have the same sort of thing – 6pps for breakfast which is porridge with blueberries and tsp coconut butter, lunch is soup (4-6 pps) and 0% Total greek yoghurt (1 pps) with a tsp honey (1pps). Dinner does change – fish and roasted ratatouille (4 – plus a baked sweet potato with butter maybe (4)), turkey bolognaise (tonight(12)), a 2 egg omelette with LF cheese and salad (9), tortilla pizza (6), chicken with pearl barley and leeks (7)... Not sure I’ll be doing turkey bolognaise again anytime soon, I must say! But any other ideas for quick and easy weekday suppers would be great. I also made a cracking Paprika Chicken (5) on Friday, recipe below, a la WW Foodie:
For two:
2 chicken breasts (whole or chopped – up to you!)
Onion, chopped
Clove garlic, crushed
Big handful of mushrooms, quartered
Red pepper, sliced into strips
Tin toms (or you could use passata)
Tbsp paprika (I use half and half smoked and usual)
Stock as required (not more than half a pint I’d say)
Half carton low fat crème fraiche (100g)

Fry onion in spray oil until soft, add chicken and brown, add garlic and other veg. If it sticks, add a bit of stock. Bung in tomatoes and paprika and dilute to required thickness with stock. Leave it all to bubble away for c45 mins. Take it off the hob and stir in the crème fraiche and serve – can sprinkle with parsley too. Good with steamed tenderstem broccoli and rice/tagliatelle.

Low fat sour cream is truly disgusting but low fat crème fraiche is very nice. You could try it with 0% greek yoghurt too – not sure if it would split or give the same creaminess but it would be more virtuous.

Perhaps that extra lb from last week is just snot and headfuzz? Gahhhh.


Seren said...

I don't generally watch The Biggest Loser, but I've caught the odd episode of the American version and I, too, have never understood why they force those poor people into the ridiculously tiny lycra outfits. It's needless cruelty. I can't say I'm really a fan of weightloss as competetive sport either: from what I've read, a lot of contestants go on to regain all of their weight because they don't lose on a regime which is sustainable in the "real" world.

Anyhoo, off the soapbox. Your daily diet is so amazingly virtuous, and I love the sound of the paprika chicken. My mind always goes completely blank when people ask for meal ideas, despite the fact our weekly meal plan varies massively, so I'll try and have a ponder - and maybe a long sesh with Delicious and Good Food this evening.


Call me Ishmael said...

Chicken sounds tasty! Er...what's a..what did you call it, tin tum? I think you did amazingly well if you weren't pointing and it's post-holiday and you only gained one lb. It'll be gone with the wind.

Lesley said...

Hey up Peri! Glad to hear you're back pointing again. I prefer the sound of pointing to dieting!! Steve Peters told us to stay away from the "how much am I going to lose and by when?" target game. He said it put too much pressure on your chimp and also reinforces the feeling of your regime being a temporary measure rather than a change in your way of life.

After stopping it myself and going to a year on year trend, I tend to agree. Just a thought hon.

I loooved the Biggest Loser altho havent watched for a series or so. I applied before LL!!!

Lesley xx

Peridot said...

Ah yes, that left me baffled Ish - tin tom = a tin of tomatoes! Sorry!