Friday, 21 January 2011


So, I have doubtless endeared myself to my boss by calling in sick again. There's a D&V bug going around and I'm the third person on my desk to get it. Not pretty and not convenient - firstly because we're really busy (as in if you had time to put your head on your desk and weep, you would) and secondly because I got up, dressed, ready etc this morning and it was only on the point of leaving that I realised I really, really couldn't. I feel a bit better but am still wary.

And tomorrow we're going to see a wedding venue. I suspect it isn't 'the one' but you have to start somewhere. I flipping hope it's not the one as it seems outrageously expensive. I've been fretting about the whole 'fat bride' thing and them scorning me for it but now I'll just be pleased if I can get there without barfing/erm, needing the loo rather desparately.

It was also WI today - I've lost 2lbs which is good. I am now Fat.2 so may just reach the Porky bracket by the beginning of February. I'd like to be Porky and a half by the end of Feb anyway. I need to get some exercise in - now we're not going to the tinhut we're not walking (well, bf is getting some in as part of his commute), the weather is still too awful for cycling too. In fact I have been fretting about exercise: because of my choir commitments I can't cycle on Wednesdays or Thursdays anyway and Friday is not a good day for quick escapes to Suffolk. So that only leaves Monday and Tuesday - cycling twice a week is not admirable. I am investigating a zumba class with a friend on Thu night. And I think I'm going to have to try and cycle on a Friday when I can. All of which depends on the weather. Really, I think getting slim is nigh on impossible without full time staff and no job to take up time.

I have spent most of the afternoon coaxing our computer to work. I am in the dark with all this - I've tried to fix it but it seems to be intermittently sick like me. Avast doesn't seem to want to work on either of us.

And thanks for all the jeans/boots advice! Love it that you've all given it some thought. I will not be gluing wedges on my Uggs Ish, (shudder) but will tentatively try the outfit on and see what bf thinks (often brutal in his honesty but at least you know you're getting a 'frank' opinion!) and decide if I think I'll feel a fool or whether I can carry it off. Have to say that slim jeans would work much better with wellies than my current bootlegs. You know, for when we get back to the countryside. Oh for long legs though!


Seren said...

Poor you - I do hope you feel better soon. Well done on an excellent loss this week.


Lesley said...

2lbs!! Yay!! Sorry too about the D&V....but stuff the boss.....

Lesley x x