Friday, 29 October 2010

Pale and uninteresting

Today is the first day that I feel even a bit better. I feel a right wuss for being ill again. Someone walked past my desk yesterday and said pityingly “You get sick quite easily don’t you?” NO! I don’t, I like to think of myself as hardy. It’s irritating to have had dysentery and now flu within a month of one another. Guilt pushed me back to work yesterday – I really wasn’t up to it. The 10 minute walk from the station seemed interminable. When I finally made it to my desk, cotton wool of leg and light of head, one of the senior managers narrowed her eyes at me:

Her (accusingly): “You look pale”
Me (in a 'well, durr' tone): “I always look pale”
Her (accusingly): “You look even paler than normal”
Me (defensively): “I’ve got blusher on”
Her: “If you don’t stop looking pale, I’m going to send you home”
Me: !

As it was, the concern was soon forgotten in the usual maelstrom of the day. It was hard toughing it out – I didn’t even feel well enough to leave my desk for 5 mins over lunch. Ah well, I’m just glad to be feeling a bit better today – I don’t want it to ruin another weekend.

Especially since I have a long weekend in Suffolk coming up! Yes, we go tonight and don’t come home until Tuesday. A three day next week – hurrah! (Okay, I only did a two day week this week technically but it’s so annoying that you can never really enjoy sick leave because you’re, er, sick). Of course, the tricky thing is that dieting is always much, much more difficult when I don’t have access to the database of points and there are so many more opportunities for unregimented eating (both knowingly and unknowingly). I can only do the best I can do, right? I won’t be consulting New Scales (Scales of Optimism? Scales of Wisdom? Scales of Splendour? Well, I guess I have to give them more of a go before I choose their moniker. They could yet be SoD II) until Wednesday but I’d like to have lost a couple of lbs by then. Please.

In other (good) news, I got to see one of my best friends (and bridesmaid to be) at lunchtime today. She doesn’t live or work in London anymore and has a small child to keep her busy so I don’t see her as much as I’d like to. She was passing through London, rocking a pair of trousers that definitely channelled Katherine Hepburn. I guiltily negotiated a long lunch hour but the time still went too fast. I will see another one of my best friends tomorrow briefly too. Friends – the calorie-free treat.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A spoke in my wheel

Actually I'm not really sure about that expression - I think it means that a plan has been hindered (and that's what I mean here) but my bike wheels do have spokes - they're kind of necessary I think to hold the wheel together.

I blame my confusion on my health. I've caught some kind of nasty coldy bug which has left me pathetically weak and breathless, as well as the usual unholy trio of snot, sneeze and splutter. And that is the spoke. I don't think I'll be cycling this week. In fact, I've been home for the last two days, flopping about disconsolately and feeling guilty that I'm not at work. And making soup and membrillo (the jury's out on the latter as yet, Seren, as I've not had the nerve to try and get it out of the tin, and there's an absolute ton of it!). Today I will mostly be watching Jane Austen DVDs I think (not quite time for the whole of Pride and Prejudice so it will have to be Sense and Sensibility!).

The weekend was mostly spent feeling sorry for myself and flopping, pallidly, about. Beth came to dinner on Saturday night and I managed that - just about, though uncharacteristically quietly - as bf made the main course (one of my favourite comfort foots - meatballs and spaghetti with spicy tomato sauce) and I just did a squash salad as a starter and an apple and blackberry crumble as a dessert.

I went over my points by about 10 on Saturday but had enough in the bank to cater for this. In theory. I was still nervous on the WI this morning though and decided to blame any gains on a surfeit of mucus. As it was, I'd lost 3lbs! At this rate I'm going to have to come up with a new name for my new scales - they are not especially doom-like at the moment.

I am now Tubby.8 and 3/4. I'm kind of not counting the quarters as my numerically challenged head can't quite deal with it - I was Tubby.11 and 1/4 last week so does that mean I've lost a bit more or a bit less than 3lbs? I am discalculate and have terrible problems with numbers; the only maths I could ever do was algebra because it was all cosy, safe letters. Not useful for real life of course. I'm not going to tax my befuddled brain with it though - I'll only be looking at those quarters when I'm clinging on to the thought that something is coming off.

I don't know quite why I lost so much weight this week - that would represent a good week at LL! My specialist always said that I had severely depressed my metabolism on LL and that at some point it would recover - most people find it only takes 6 months but of course, I would have to be 'special'. I'm hoping that I have now busted out of that depressed phase - but of course, one week does not a trend make! It would be nice to get into the Chubbys before Christmas though....

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Introducing a new superhero...

Yes, despite temperatures of (allegedly) -2°, five hours sleep and a headache that feels as if someone is boring into my skull - with more enthusiasm than mercy - with a pneumatic drill, I cycled in. I am Cycle Girl. Noooo, that sounds more like my period comes every 28 days like clockwork (pah, I wish. Not that I would choose that as a super power admittedly). Bike Girl! Definitely not – that sounds like I’m a, er, slut (after 15 years with the same man I hardly think I qualify)! Anyway, the point I’m making is that I’m very heroic. Just as well, I’d forgotten but someone is booked to come and put new bike gear blocks on my bike – or something – this afternoon. So it’s lucky I do actually have my bike here as I bet it would have been tricky otherwise.

However, creeping around gathering clothes to wear in the dark of 6.30am is a perilous thing. Not wanting to wake bf, I got my stuff together to wear once I’d got in to the office and showered. Strangely, purple and chocolate look the same in the dark – yes, gentle Reader, I have a chocolate skirt, chocolate cardigan – and a purple vest top. Really this combo only works if you’re a chocolate bar. Trust me on this.

As predicted, I got overexcited in the Savoy last night and had not one but three cocktails. I went way over points yesterday – 6 over I reckon (hangs (sore) head in shame). The shameful points deficit is really what prompted me to heave myself reluctantly from my warm, cosy bed this morning. I hope to get my reward on Tuesday WI, rather than waiting for heaven.

And – the SoD is dead, long live the SoD. Yep, I replaced that evil bastard with a newer, sleeker, digital model. It even has special feet so that you can weigh on carpet which is MUCH more convenient. I weighed myself – obviously – whereas Former SoD made me Tubby.13, Current SoD makes me Tubby.11. And a quarter. So far I’m loving new SoD BUT I call it ‘current’ as it too is dispensable if it displeases me – it needs to be kept on its metaphorical toes. Under the bed, where it currently resides (along with biiiig dust bunnies)

Now I have to summon up the enthusiasm and energy to take me the 8.7 miles home tonight (by bike) in the dark (leaving here c6.20pm) and the cold. Most cyclists were in long leggings this morning (including me); my rough estimate is that about 5% were still in shorts. They were all men. Go figure as I believe our American brethren would say (ain't that right, American brethren?!)

Monday, 18 October 2010

SoD rides again

Okaaayyyy, so if you've read any of my blither over the last week, you can't have failed to have noticed my sterling efforts on the lard-sheddage front. As recently as yesterday I confirmed another cycle commute and my adherence to points over the weekend (always a challenge). So why, WHY does the henious villain SoD tell me that I have put ON 1lb this week? I am mystified - and not a little wounded. I'm also going to buy new scales. I don't believe it, it isn't possible and yet - as anyone who has ever been in a similar situation probably knows only too well - I am downcast and rather fed up. I feel cheated of the reward for my efforts than I hang in there for. I feel like a chocolate binge or rage-eating my way out of my disappointment. I won't, but I'm not sure exactly how I am going to shake myself out of my gloom.

I did eat too much sugar yesterday. I don't believe that has anything to do with my weight gain as the whole flipping point of WW is that you can eat your points any which way. But I had a 6.5 point sugar feast - a Chomp (2), a tube of Lovehearts (1.5) and a Big Purple One (3). This was partly as the soup I'd made for lunch came out as a paltry 1 point and I wanted to eat my full points. Still, I need to find more nutritious ways of making points on the rare occasion that I have a point mountain to munch through (I think this is the second time!). I won't be making that soup again anyway - roasted aubergine and chickpea (okay but not great). Tonight I'll be making chicken vegetable soup for the next three lunches (chicken, leek, carrot, celery, mushroom, sweetcorn and leftover chickpeas) - still low point but it needs to be more than 1.

I'm off to sulk somewhere less annoying for everyone else. Hope everyone else is having a better day!

Winter is a-coming

I hoisted myself on to my saddle this morning somewhat gingerly (and that is not a reference to my tresses) but all was well – my arse seems to have recovered. Not sure it will be quite so comfortable cycling home – I always feel pretty triumphant when I’ve got in and quite forget that I then have to get home again under pedal power. Still, that’s the first of my target of two cycle commutes this week ticked off. Thursday is pencilled in as cycle 2 (can’t do Wednesday or Friday, so it will have to be Thursday or fail). It was pretty nippy around my bare calves, fingers and neck at 7.30am this morning (I left rather late) – it might be time to switch to full length leggings.... I might need to invest in some new gloves with fingers too – I have some that are apparently made for people without fingers at all since I have the smallest, most ridiculous hands ever and I have to bend my fingers in them as they cramp them so badly. It’s annoying as they weren’t cheap.

I had a pretty virtuous weekend – only one walk of c4 miles but at least a third of that was at quite a lick and it’s better than nowt. And I kept within points, just about. So I’m relying on SoD to soften its attitude by tomorrow morning; it’s the morally right thing to do.

Excitingly we bought some quinces at the weekend - so I’m going to have a go at making membrillo. I rather doubt that will be on the WW calculator although you never know, pomegranate molasses was on there (but lots of really obvious stuff isn’t) - it's pretty sugary but it's not as if you eat much of it at the time. Of course it's nicest with hard cheese (far too pointy for reckless consumption) but ham too. I'm still fretting about the rumour that WW is going to make fruit point-free – I could eat a couple of lbs of fruit a day without noticing and fruit is basically sugar and water (a few vitamins but nothing like the benefits of vegetables).

Thanks for all the colour/fashion comments! It’s not that I actually want to flash my ring about, it’s just that I feel I’m somehow letting it down by not dressing to complement it. It's much more glamorous than its bearer! Utterly absurd of me. And sadly, I don’t have the money to chuck all my chocolate clothes away (I wear it like other people wear black) to reinvest in blues, greens and purples (not worn all together I would add - I'd look like a big bruise).

I have a few risky events up ahead this week: Wednesday there is a leaving do and then I’m meeting a friend for a cocktail (except we always buckle and have two) and then another leaving do on Friday. I’m not a big drinker so this shouldn’t be a big deal but I remain wary nonetheless. Saturday – we’re going to a friends for a simple lunch (she has 2 small children and so I’ve been firm that she doesn’t go to any effort – to be honest, I would have preferred to go out but couldn’t sell her on that). And I feel like I could sleep for a month – think my subconscious is pushing me to hibernate.

Friday, 15 October 2010

The blues

It was foolish, I know. A classic rookie mistake – and one I have much previous form on. I got on SoD AGAIN. Nope, still nothing lost. And that’s before the weekend when I use my bonus points – eek! This would explain why I keep trying stuff on and it still looks awful – I have what seems to be a great many skirts which highlight my roll of stomach. It’s not a good look. I so long for the day when clothes become a source of pleasure rather than angst and self-loathing.

In fact I’m having a quandary over clothes generally at the moment. A lot of this is due to my extreme shallowness and bonkers capriciousness and I readily admit this. Ever since we got engaged, my tastes in clothes have sort of changed. No, not in a wifey demure twinset and pearls sort of way, but because I am so in love with my ring (and bf of course) that everything kind of revolves around that. I know, I know, it’s absurd. My ring’s main stone is a sapphire – a particularly beautiful one, being not just navy (which is a bit dull in jewellery I think) but a blue somewhere in between navy and cobalt, a really vivid Mediterranean blue. And most of my wardrobe – for winter especially – is chocolate brown and olive green (with brief flashes of burnt orange and cream). Bear in mind I’m a very pale-skinned redhead – no black for me, I look like a Duracell battery in black and extremely washed-out to boot. But these autumnal shades don’t really show my ring off to its best advantage – I find that nowadays I would prefer to wear dark blues, purples and teals as a result. It’s an absurd conundrum I know. (Actually, today I have a denim skirt on that buttons all the way down the front and it keeps unbuttoning which is a) indecent and b) annoying. It does go with my ring though!)

And - an aside - I am unreasonably irritated by the Plusnet advert. I have to wait, facing it to cross on to a bit of cycle path on my commute. "We won't be beat on price" it proclaims. Is this some sort of play on words that is lost on me or are they in fact entirely ignorant of all the rules of grammar? Why would you display your ignorance in big letters on billboards around the country? Why? It bothers me.

So, bf is also currently on a diet. A bit of an odd one in my opinion (which he doesn’t want!). He has a big bowl of porridge for breakfast - and then just drinks masses of water all day until having an evening meal. I tried to say that his metabolism would actually be boosted by him having something healthy for lunch but I’m not exactly the poster girl for dieting success, despite a great deal of experience! It’s very difficult to bite my tongue and let him get on with this but I keep telling myself that’s exactly what he’s done for me so I just need to bite down on that tongue! What’s annoying is that he’ll probably do really well and lose weight at a spectacular rate.

Let’s hope SoD comes round by Tuesday – perhaps it’s sulking at my fraternising with another set of scales? Have a good weekend everyone.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Meet Tubby

The moment that bum met saddle last night there was an ouch moment. 9 miles seems to have exacerbated that and all sitting down now results in some discomfort. I suppose it has been about 2 months since I last cycled and apparently the effects of cycling wear off WAY before that as the front of my thigh also went sort of numb and tingly (which sounds contradictory but is the best way I can describe it). I hope all this pain means maximum gain; NOT in lbs, rather the reverse – the gain is my loss, geddit?

Although actually, I dared (and remembered) an SoD encounter this morning and either I have put on 1lb in 2 days of exemplary behaviour or my mum’s SoD are much kinder (if no less eccentric). I’m opting for the latter as the least objectionable explanation. I have managed to change my entry in the WW log as it would be too depressing to artificially put on on Tuesday.

I did sort of manage to walk in today – by the time I’d hauled myself out of bed to discover that bf had not emptied the dishwasher and therefore I’d have to do it, I was running a bit late for a 2.75 mile walk part of the way in. My all-or-nothing mentality (and I know Ish at least knows what I’m talking about!) told me to just go straight in to work but I quelled it and got off two stops early rather than three so still got in a 1.5 mile walk – every little helps, right?

Finally, have been mulling over Ishmael’s comments on my literary (ahem!) re naming of my stone brackets. I think I have been too kind to myself. I think calling myself Chubby is like Lindsay Lohan saying she occasionally has the odd drink. Technically true but airbrushed to the point of being indecipherable. I think Ish’s category of hefty would work rather well for where I am now but in case she's trademarked it, I think I may amend my stone brackets as follows:
1. Fattest (where I started LL)
2. Fatter
3. Fat
4. Tubby (I’m currently Tubby.12)
5. Chubby (Chubby.8-ish is the lowest weight I’ve ever achieved)
6. Voluptuous
7. Curvy (My designated WW goal is Curvy.6 but I’d love to hit slim. Even Slim.13)
8. Slim (I was last here at the age of 16-17. When I starved myself)

I think Tubby is a better description – you could use harsher words that would be equally applicable, maybe even more accurate, I wouldn’t argue with any of them but I think I’ll stick with Tubby, thanks very much. At least until I can more honorably call myself Chubby.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Tour de Londres

You know what that means, don’t you? Yes! I cycled in today! I was tired anyway from working at the weekend and this didn’t help with that – I am now in a slothlike torpor and I have to cycle 9 miles home in about two hours.

But! I did it. And I wasn’t too disastrously slow either. Not nippy either, mind you – about 10 people passed me on a hill (well, I say hill - but I don’t think it would even register as such with Lesley (I’ve seen her hills!)). Luckily I don’t have the gene that requires me to try and engage everyone in a race (not being a bloke with a small penis).

I was so focussed on not chickening out of cycling this morning that I completely forgot to consult SoD. So I’ve had to enter in my weight in the WW online gizmo with the reading from my mum’s SoD (Chubby.11). My fear is that my mum’s SoD is more benevolent (if no less capricious) and next week I might have a nasty shock (no loss or even – gulp – a gain (albeit an artificial one)). I am trying to steel myself against that prospect to face it with zen-like calm. No, I don't believe it's possible either.

Tomorrow and Friday I’m going to try and haul myself out of bed in time to get off the tube and walk the last 2 miles in to work. In painful boots, if you please! And the damp weather trashes my hair. I better get some payback for that heroism. And I may be able to squeeze a little walk in on either Saturday afternoon, post lunch, or Sunday morning, weather, time and bf willing.

Next weeks exercise aim – cycle twice.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Purple Gain

I don’t think it’s entirely my tendency to anthropomorphise that makes me think that Scales of Doom – ALL Scales of Doom (and is there another kind? If so, DO let me know) have personalities. Personalities in grades of malevolence too.

Last night I had my hair cut, which requires me staying overnight with my mother. So this morning I thought I’d hop onto her SoD. Her’s are the high tech variety and they’re not impressed with a numpty like me. You have to tap them to wake them (well, it was 7am I suppose), but I had to thump it in a variety of places before I found the exact spot where they deigned to acknowledge my existence. Then it takes its time in telling you your weight – up a bit, down a bit, up a bit and.... there (it’s always up a bit before you get to there, isn’t it?!). And it had no truck with my jumping on and off again. It simply wouldn’t give me a second reading – it was clear that it was saying ‘I’ve told you once, now go away’. It made me Chubby.11 which I think is more generous than my own scaley nemesis is likely to be. Tomorrow will tell. Gulp.

And by some evil quirk of fate, The Big Purple One is back in the shops for Christmas. In October, obviously, as that is, after all, traditionally the start of the festive season. For those that haven’t encountered it, The Big Purple One is a chocolate of almost sublime loveliness – a c2” creamy chocolate elipse with runny, gloopy caramel and a couple of whole hazelnuts in it. 3 points. Sigh. Of course, I’ve had one already. I can only buy one at a time or I would lose what scant self-control I possess and scarf the lot down (yes, I’ve eaten 3 in a row – I did feel a bit sick but also very, very happy). They’re unfeasibly delicious and – I fear – a rare treat. Or perhaps I should fear that they’re a frequent treat since that wouldn’t get me towards Voluptuous.

So, I came in under points over the weekend – I don’t think I even dipped into my exercise points. I had saved enough for the rather lack-lustre lunch on Sunday by having a very low point breakfast and supper and using the few bonus points I’d saved during the week. I’m still struggling to save my 4 points a day during the week for the weekend – I’m just too hungry. And The Big Purple One won’t help with the point saving of course!

Looking ahead, I’m out tonight with a friend for supper tonight – a Pizza Express Leggera which, at 8 points, is more than I’d usually spend on dinner but even with BPO, I’ll come in on points for the day (with none banked mind you). Then we’re out for lunch with friends on Saturday in Suffolk. The pub we’re going to doesn’t have a menu online for me to plan from either. But I’ve warned bf that I’ll only want a v light supper that night so fingers crossed for managing that day. The only other obstacle is the usual very late supper on Friday which always happens when we go up to Suffolk – it’s hanging on that long for food, I find it a killer. As my boss is away, I managed to get permission to leave work an hour earlier which means getting supper at c8pm (as opposed to the usual 10pm) – small victories.

And I need to get back on my bike – to ease my ailing finances and to burn some lard. The weather is undecided about tomorrow and so am I.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

E is for Exercise...

...not Excuses. And we know from The Shamen, that they're good. So why am I finding it so hard to get back on my bike? It's weird but when I am cycling regularly I don't turn a hair (I'm still v cautious when I cycle), but when I've stopped for a while, it's really difficult to pluck up the courage to get back at it.

And I'm confined to barracks this weekend as I'm working from Saturday am to Sunday am - no long Suffolk walks for us this weekend! So I tried to get some walking built into my day at the end of last week: I met up with bf and walked a couple of miles en route home on Thursday, despite the fact that my (apparently comfortable looking flat riding) boots kill me (thanks Duo) and I was hobbling by the time I got home. Then yesterday I got off the tube early and walked a couple of miles in (still with sore feet but safely in Converse - bless dress down Friday!), buying Ginger Pig sausage rolls for a couple of work pals en route, not a crumb of which touched my lips. And not because they went straight down my gullet either! People were wide-eyed about their magnificence (if you've not had a Ginger Pig sausage roll, you've never had a good one) to the extent that they crumbled and did a lunchtime run to buy more (mostly for people who didn't get one first time round and felt cheated, but not completely...! Yes, I'm looking at YOU, 2 sausage-rolls-M!)

Despite an unusually hectic and stressful few days I have stuck doggedly to my points. The only problem is that I am still really hungry and have been unable to have 18 points and bank 4 each day; I usually only manage to save a point here and there. I couldn't help sneaking on SoD this morning though and I am Chubby.13. Great news to be in the Chubbys - now I have to fix my eyes firmly on the Voluptuous stone bracket. I've only ever got as low as Voluptuous.8-10 but it was at that point that I started to feel a bit better about myself. And low Chubbys would mean I could fit back into my favourite jacket (hurrah). Wishing my life away as ever!

So I worry about the fact that we are meeting friends for lunch tomorrow. I do find juggling dieting with having a life really difficult. I'll have a (very) few spare points, won't be drinking and will make most sensible choices but I don't want to get back on SoD on official WI day (Tuesday) and find that I've catapulted back to the Fat stone bracket. I've looked at the menu online and it's basically a roast - it's the pudding that worries me most (and I know that I won't be strong enough not to have one). Ah well, I'll just have to do my best up to, around and after and hope for the best. Actually I can't WI on Tuesday morning as I'm at my mum's so that anxious encounter is postponed for Wednesday.

I must try and cycle once next week. Think - looking at my diary - that that's the most I will be able to manage but it would be a psychological bump start. I can do either Wednesday or Thursday I think but Wednesday would be better. I just need the weather to co-operate.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Brushing Chubby

Scales of Doom have been gracious - as of today I am Fat.0. Of course, psychologically I am desparate to get to Chubby.13, but not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I am very pleased with a first-week-back-on-diet loss of 5lbs. Even though I know that I probably won't lose anything next week as my body catches up with the shock. And even though I'm looking longingly at Chubby. Chubby might be a fortnight away (longer than Tomorrow then!) and that's okay; I just have to keep plodding away. Keep your head down and your eyes firmly averted from Christmas...

Actually, I'm sure that some plodding might have helped with my divesting of podge; we did a 10 mile walk on Saturday. We didn't exactly mean to, but a couple of short planned diversions (one for lunch! (Which included my first pickled egg (by mistake) which sounds plain wrong but was actually rather nice)) and a longer unplanned diversion - all of which bumped up an 8 1/2 miler to a 10. And it was quite a tough walk - for flat Suffolk - the walking was very rough underfoot and had long grass (you have to lift your feet quite high - especially if you're 5'4") and many, many stiles set for people with longer legs than I. And I jumped quite high when I nearly trod on a snake. It turned out to be a big slow worm but really - 18" of black slither with a white collar, what would you think (assuming David Attenborough isn't reading. And if you are, could you please adopt me? I think you'd be an ace dad)?

I need to blast through Chubby to fit into my favourite jacket - the most expensive thing I own and something that will only fit in the lower eschelons of Chubby. And that thinking is part and parcel of my resolve to get to a size 12 for the wedding. Well, a year or so before the wedding ideally. Because I can't - I just can't - bear to spend £1000 on a dress I'll wear once. Of course, this is a modest sum for a wedding dress. And if I have to, I will (and sell afterwards) but there's a shop in a small town near my mum's village which sells good designer wedding dresses second hand - and does all the alterations - in an experience which sounds like a regular wedding dress shop. I'd so much rather do that. But of course everyone slims for their wedding and the vast majority of the dresses are size 10s and 12s. So that's my goal - look for one of those first and only shell out absurd money if I have to.

Which is why I'm currently making batches of low point soup, with resolution. Hopefully when WW changes their system - rumour has it it's imminent - vegetables aren't suddenly gazillions of points a la salmon. Apparently (according to rumour and speculation) the new points will be based on calories, total fat and fibre, not calories and saturated fat as they are now. And I'm just getting to grips with this...

Friday, 1 October 2010

Bunny girl

Sick of having my feet pinched painfully by my boots, I decided to wear jeans for this week’s dress down Friday. I very rarely do this but the lure of my Converse was too hard to ignore. Of course, I had had to accept that post-dysentery, my jeans really needed to be washed. Even though I am the only person in the world who put on weight with dysentery. So it was in some trepidation that I put my freshly washed jeans on this morning. Reader, I managed to get them done up without lying on the bed. Okay, I feel slightly breathless due to extreme compression but I was able to go to the loo without fear. Fear of not being able to get them back on in a confined space that is, not dysentery fear.

I am plodding on with WW, hoping to woo SoD into a good result on Tuesday. Especially given my outrage that I put on weight whilst having dysentery for two and a half weeks. Oh, did I mention that already?

This weekend we are off to Suffolk and are hoping to do a good walk tomorrow and maybe a smaller one on Sunday – but all this is weather dependent and the rain is currently lashing down in a dismal way.

And my plans for WW saintliness were foiled this lunchtime when I went to buy a Crussh ginger chicken miso soup (3 points), absolutely light-headed and sweaty with hunger, to discover they’d run out. So I had to have an Eat Prawn Tom Yum (4.5points): I needed those points!

How’s a girl to burn lard when the gods of fate are seemingly against her?

As it is, I am in enormous fear as we’re eating once we get up to Suffolk tonight at c10-10.30pm and I don’t know how I’m going to go that long without eating. Have bought carrots, tomatoes and sugar snaps to munch in the car – but I think we all know that that is not going to fill me up. I’m eating enough carrots at the moment in an attempt to fill myself up that I ought to have x-ray vision, not just night-sight.