Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A spoke in my wheel

Actually I'm not really sure about that expression - I think it means that a plan has been hindered (and that's what I mean here) but my bike wheels do have spokes - they're kind of necessary I think to hold the wheel together.

I blame my confusion on my health. I've caught some kind of nasty coldy bug which has left me pathetically weak and breathless, as well as the usual unholy trio of snot, sneeze and splutter. And that is the spoke. I don't think I'll be cycling this week. In fact, I've been home for the last two days, flopping about disconsolately and feeling guilty that I'm not at work. And making soup and membrillo (the jury's out on the latter as yet, Seren, as I've not had the nerve to try and get it out of the tin, and there's an absolute ton of it!). Today I will mostly be watching Jane Austen DVDs I think (not quite time for the whole of Pride and Prejudice so it will have to be Sense and Sensibility!).

The weekend was mostly spent feeling sorry for myself and flopping, pallidly, about. Beth came to dinner on Saturday night and I managed that - just about, though uncharacteristically quietly - as bf made the main course (one of my favourite comfort foots - meatballs and spaghetti with spicy tomato sauce) and I just did a squash salad as a starter and an apple and blackberry crumble as a dessert.

I went over my points by about 10 on Saturday but had enough in the bank to cater for this. In theory. I was still nervous on the WI this morning though and decided to blame any gains on a surfeit of mucus. As it was, I'd lost 3lbs! At this rate I'm going to have to come up with a new name for my new scales - they are not especially doom-like at the moment.

I am now Tubby.8 and 3/4. I'm kind of not counting the quarters as my numerically challenged head can't quite deal with it - I was Tubby.11 and 1/4 last week so does that mean I've lost a bit more or a bit less than 3lbs? I am discalculate and have terrible problems with numbers; the only maths I could ever do was algebra because it was all cosy, safe letters. Not useful for real life of course. I'm not going to tax my befuddled brain with it though - I'll only be looking at those quarters when I'm clinging on to the thought that something is coming off.

I don't know quite why I lost so much weight this week - that would represent a good week at LL! My specialist always said that I had severely depressed my metabolism on LL and that at some point it would recover - most people find it only takes 6 months but of course, I would have to be 'special'. I'm hoping that I have now busted out of that depressed phase - but of course, one week does not a trend make! It would be nice to get into the Chubbys before Christmas though....


Becca said...

Well done on your big loss! Hope the cold passes you by quickly. Lots of echinacea and spicy food.

I wondered that about LL. It always seemed good for rapid, short-term weight loss, but the idea of breaking out into the real world afterwards didn't seem too healthy.

Seren said...

Awww - hope you're soon feeling better. And well done on a sterling loss.


Call me Ishmael said...

Great loss Peridot! You'll be voluptuous in no time. LL sounds like it was deadly on the metabolism. Hope you've shaken off the last of the depressed effect. Is your cold gone?

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Excellent! That new SoD is more compassionate than its predecessor.

Hope you're feeling better soon...and enjoy Sense and Sensibility. (I have the soundtrack - beautiful music.)