Friday, 15 October 2010

The blues

It was foolish, I know. A classic rookie mistake – and one I have much previous form on. I got on SoD AGAIN. Nope, still nothing lost. And that’s before the weekend when I use my bonus points – eek! This would explain why I keep trying stuff on and it still looks awful – I have what seems to be a great many skirts which highlight my roll of stomach. It’s not a good look. I so long for the day when clothes become a source of pleasure rather than angst and self-loathing.

In fact I’m having a quandary over clothes generally at the moment. A lot of this is due to my extreme shallowness and bonkers capriciousness and I readily admit this. Ever since we got engaged, my tastes in clothes have sort of changed. No, not in a wifey demure twinset and pearls sort of way, but because I am so in love with my ring (and bf of course) that everything kind of revolves around that. I know, I know, it’s absurd. My ring’s main stone is a sapphire – a particularly beautiful one, being not just navy (which is a bit dull in jewellery I think) but a blue somewhere in between navy and cobalt, a really vivid Mediterranean blue. And most of my wardrobe – for winter especially – is chocolate brown and olive green (with brief flashes of burnt orange and cream). Bear in mind I’m a very pale-skinned redhead – no black for me, I look like a Duracell battery in black and extremely washed-out to boot. But these autumnal shades don’t really show my ring off to its best advantage – I find that nowadays I would prefer to wear dark blues, purples and teals as a result. It’s an absurd conundrum I know. (Actually, today I have a denim skirt on that buttons all the way down the front and it keeps unbuttoning which is a) indecent and b) annoying. It does go with my ring though!)

And - an aside - I am unreasonably irritated by the Plusnet advert. I have to wait, facing it to cross on to a bit of cycle path on my commute. "We won't be beat on price" it proclaims. Is this some sort of play on words that is lost on me or are they in fact entirely ignorant of all the rules of grammar? Why would you display your ignorance in big letters on billboards around the country? Why? It bothers me.

So, bf is also currently on a diet. A bit of an odd one in my opinion (which he doesn’t want!). He has a big bowl of porridge for breakfast - and then just drinks masses of water all day until having an evening meal. I tried to say that his metabolism would actually be boosted by him having something healthy for lunch but I’m not exactly the poster girl for dieting success, despite a great deal of experience! It’s very difficult to bite my tongue and let him get on with this but I keep telling myself that’s exactly what he’s done for me so I just need to bite down on that tongue! What’s annoying is that he’ll probably do really well and lose weight at a spectacular rate.

Let’s hope SoD comes round by Tuesday – perhaps it’s sulking at my fraternising with another set of scales? Have a good weekend everyone.


Shauna said...

First, I spit on those scales for being such bastards, on a Friday no less!

Second, as a fellow pale redhead with Duracell tedencies, I got my Colours Done *eyeroll* and was diagnosed a Warm Autum *rolling again* and i can report teal and purple are TOTALLY on our wheel baby! I wear them all the time. So I imagine you look ultra foxy :)

Lesley said...

I love the sound of teal and purples - don't really work on me but I'm sure gorgeous on you. And your ring so unds lovely!!

Keep the faith babes - the SoD will be conquered!!

Lesley xx

Becca said...

I'm a big teal and purple fan - in fact, those are the colours of my Uggs!

Step away from the scales, missy. You shouldn't be on them more than once a week anyway.

Also, if you're absolutely sure that you're doing everything right - weighing and measuring, writing everything down, not overestimating exercise points - then it's one of two things:

1. Some kind of metabolic issue (much less likely).

2. You're eating too little. Make sure you're getting your healthy oils and calcium requirements as per your weekly planner, and add an extra no-point meal.

Keep up the good work! xx

Call Me Ishmael said...

Duracell battery! As if. I couldn't help laughing as I pictured you chucking out your entire wardrobe to buy a new one that better matches your lovely ring. It does sound divine! Maybe there's a way you can show it off without having to up-end your entire color spectrum?

What if you feigned injury and wrapped your hand in an ACE bandage, leaving only your fingers (and ring, of course) exposed? People always notice a bandage, and then as they inquire about your hurt, you can wave your hand majestically about.

Or you could develop a very very bad and chronic sore throat, and walk about with your hand clasped at your neck, whispering. When people have to draw near to hear you, just mumble, "oh, my poor throat, it's so scratchy. Luckily I have this ring," (and flutter the hand winsomely), "to cheer me up."

Seren said...

I am totally on board with matching your clothes to your ring, it sounds entirely sensible to me.

Hope you didn't let the scales ruin your weekend - the bar stewards.