Thursday, 21 October 2010

Introducing a new superhero...

Yes, despite temperatures of (allegedly) -2°, five hours sleep and a headache that feels as if someone is boring into my skull - with more enthusiasm than mercy - with a pneumatic drill, I cycled in. I am Cycle Girl. Noooo, that sounds more like my period comes every 28 days like clockwork (pah, I wish. Not that I would choose that as a super power admittedly). Bike Girl! Definitely not – that sounds like I’m a, er, slut (after 15 years with the same man I hardly think I qualify)! Anyway, the point I’m making is that I’m very heroic. Just as well, I’d forgotten but someone is booked to come and put new bike gear blocks on my bike – or something – this afternoon. So it’s lucky I do actually have my bike here as I bet it would have been tricky otherwise.

However, creeping around gathering clothes to wear in the dark of 6.30am is a perilous thing. Not wanting to wake bf, I got my stuff together to wear once I’d got in to the office and showered. Strangely, purple and chocolate look the same in the dark – yes, gentle Reader, I have a chocolate skirt, chocolate cardigan – and a purple vest top. Really this combo only works if you’re a chocolate bar. Trust me on this.

As predicted, I got overexcited in the Savoy last night and had not one but three cocktails. I went way over points yesterday – 6 over I reckon (hangs (sore) head in shame). The shameful points deficit is really what prompted me to heave myself reluctantly from my warm, cosy bed this morning. I hope to get my reward on Tuesday WI, rather than waiting for heaven.

And – the SoD is dead, long live the SoD. Yep, I replaced that evil bastard with a newer, sleeker, digital model. It even has special feet so that you can weigh on carpet which is MUCH more convenient. I weighed myself – obviously – whereas Former SoD made me Tubby.13, Current SoD makes me Tubby.11. And a quarter. So far I’m loving new SoD BUT I call it ‘current’ as it too is dispensable if it displeases me – it needs to be kept on its metaphorical toes. Under the bed, where it currently resides (along with biiiig dust bunnies)

Now I have to summon up the enthusiasm and energy to take me the 8.7 miles home tonight (by bike) in the dark (leaving here c6.20pm) and the cold. Most cyclists were in long leggings this morning (including me); my rough estimate is that about 5% were still in shorts. They were all men. Go figure as I believe our American brethren would say (ain't that right, American brethren?!)


Seren said...

Believe me, I don't think 6 points constitutes way over. In fact, in the face of cocktails I'd say it was pretty restrained. And hurrah for new, kind scales. I have one particular pair that weigh me about a stone lighter than I really am and I can't quite bear to throw them away, I pull them out every so often to cheer myself up.

Have a lovely weekend.


Call me Ishmael said...

Er, hate to say it but as I read your post I immediately started thinking about the Big Purple chocolate thing you posted about a week or two back...and started picturing you as a big Purple chocolate superhero. Probably not the best mental image.