Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Purple Gain

I don’t think it’s entirely my tendency to anthropomorphise that makes me think that Scales of Doom – ALL Scales of Doom (and is there another kind? If so, DO let me know) have personalities. Personalities in grades of malevolence too.

Last night I had my hair cut, which requires me staying overnight with my mother. So this morning I thought I’d hop onto her SoD. Her’s are the high tech variety and they’re not impressed with a numpty like me. You have to tap them to wake them (well, it was 7am I suppose), but I had to thump it in a variety of places before I found the exact spot where they deigned to acknowledge my existence. Then it takes its time in telling you your weight – up a bit, down a bit, up a bit and.... there (it’s always up a bit before you get to there, isn’t it?!). And it had no truck with my jumping on and off again. It simply wouldn’t give me a second reading – it was clear that it was saying ‘I’ve told you once, now go away’. It made me Chubby.11 which I think is more generous than my own scaley nemesis is likely to be. Tomorrow will tell. Gulp.

And by some evil quirk of fate, The Big Purple One is back in the shops for Christmas. In October, obviously, as that is, after all, traditionally the start of the festive season. For those that haven’t encountered it, The Big Purple One is a chocolate of almost sublime loveliness – a c2” creamy chocolate elipse with runny, gloopy caramel and a couple of whole hazelnuts in it. 3 points. Sigh. Of course, I’ve had one already. I can only buy one at a time or I would lose what scant self-control I possess and scarf the lot down (yes, I’ve eaten 3 in a row – I did feel a bit sick but also very, very happy). They’re unfeasibly delicious and – I fear – a rare treat. Or perhaps I should fear that they’re a frequent treat since that wouldn’t get me towards Voluptuous.

So, I came in under points over the weekend – I don’t think I even dipped into my exercise points. I had saved enough for the rather lack-lustre lunch on Sunday by having a very low point breakfast and supper and using the few bonus points I’d saved during the week. I’m still struggling to save my 4 points a day during the week for the weekend – I’m just too hungry. And The Big Purple One won’t help with the point saving of course!

Looking ahead, I’m out tonight with a friend for supper tonight – a Pizza Express Leggera which, at 8 points, is more than I’d usually spend on dinner but even with BPO, I’ll come in on points for the day (with none banked mind you). Then we’re out for lunch with friends on Saturday in Suffolk. The pub we’re going to doesn’t have a menu online for me to plan from either. But I’ve warned bf that I’ll only want a v light supper that night so fingers crossed for managing that day. The only other obstacle is the usual very late supper on Friday which always happens when we go up to Suffolk – it’s hanging on that long for food, I find it a killer. As my boss is away, I managed to get permission to leave work an hour earlier which means getting supper at c8pm (as opposed to the usual 10pm) – small victories.

And I need to get back on my bike – to ease my ailing finances and to burn some lard. The weather is undecided about tomorrow and so am I.


Seren said...

I haven't seen the Big Purple Ones in the shops yet which can only be a good thing; I love them too.

I always think that the scales at ww meetings are like pedigree cats - a wee bit supercilious compared to my home scales.


Call Me Ishmael said...

Ohhh...so glad we don't have the Big Purple Ones over here. Chocolate with hazel nut in it is one of my faves...any kind of nut in chocolate is divine to me. Seems like you've got a nice rapport going with all the SoDs in your life right now. Good! I've been trying to figure out where I fall in your fat vs chubby vs voluptuous rankings. Truth be told, I think you'd have to invent a new one for me in between fat and chubby. Shall we call it hefty? That's where I am, I think. Hefty.

Becca said...

Little tip with Pizza Express? Melanzane Parmigiana. Still only 8 points, but so gooey and cheesy it feels like a proper meal, unlike the mean old Leggera pizzas, which just seem to get cold on that slate!