Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Brushing Chubby

Scales of Doom have been gracious - as of today I am Fat.0. Of course, psychologically I am desparate to get to Chubby.13, but not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I am very pleased with a first-week-back-on-diet loss of 5lbs. Even though I know that I probably won't lose anything next week as my body catches up with the shock. And even though I'm looking longingly at Chubby. Chubby might be a fortnight away (longer than Tomorrow then!) and that's okay; I just have to keep plodding away. Keep your head down and your eyes firmly averted from Christmas...

Actually, I'm sure that some plodding might have helped with my divesting of podge; we did a 10 mile walk on Saturday. We didn't exactly mean to, but a couple of short planned diversions (one for lunch! (Which included my first pickled egg (by mistake) which sounds plain wrong but was actually rather nice)) and a longer unplanned diversion - all of which bumped up an 8 1/2 miler to a 10. And it was quite a tough walk - for flat Suffolk - the walking was very rough underfoot and had long grass (you have to lift your feet quite high - especially if you're 5'4") and many, many stiles set for people with longer legs than I. And I jumped quite high when I nearly trod on a snake. It turned out to be a big slow worm but really - 18" of black slither with a white collar, what would you think (assuming David Attenborough isn't reading. And if you are, could you please adopt me? I think you'd be an ace dad)?

I need to blast through Chubby to fit into my favourite jacket - the most expensive thing I own and something that will only fit in the lower eschelons of Chubby. And that thinking is part and parcel of my resolve to get to a size 12 for the wedding. Well, a year or so before the wedding ideally. Because I can't - I just can't - bear to spend £1000 on a dress I'll wear once. Of course, this is a modest sum for a wedding dress. And if I have to, I will (and sell afterwards) but there's a shop in a small town near my mum's village which sells good designer wedding dresses second hand - and does all the alterations - in an experience which sounds like a regular wedding dress shop. I'd so much rather do that. But of course everyone slims for their wedding and the vast majority of the dresses are size 10s and 12s. So that's my goal - look for one of those first and only shell out absurd money if I have to.

Which is why I'm currently making batches of low point soup, with resolution. Hopefully when WW changes their system - rumour has it it's imminent - vegetables aren't suddenly gazillions of points a la salmon. Apparently (according to rumour and speculation) the new points will be based on calories, total fat and fibre, not calories and saturated fat as they are now. And I'm just getting to grips with this...


Seren said...

Congratulations on a sterling loss!
And on, er, losing your pickled egg virginity. I love them myself, but I think if you dunked a sock in vinegar for long enough I'd eat it - I'm a pickle fiend.

I'm sure the changes to the WW system won't be too drastic (she said, hopefully) but I've heard one rumour that all fruit will be free a la Slimming World which would be lovely. Still, we'll see in a few weeks.


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Congrats on your 5 lbs...SoD was very co-operative this week!

I had no idea WW was changing their program. Interesting. I still remember how 1 cup of carrots went from 0 points to 1 point, and the resultant uproar it caused!

I rented my wedding dress (if I told you that before, I apologize), and I have no regrets whatsoever! They altered it to fit me, too. (I was a frustrating bride to many...rented dress, small wedding of 50 people...I was more about the honeymoon and marriage than the wedding. It drove people nuts!)

Thanks for the tip about the coconut. (I like coconut rum, too, but that would be a problem in oatmeal...) haha

Call Me Ishmael said...

Five pounds! You're a rock star. That's fantastic. Well done. Brushing chubby...lol. Sounds like a good euphemism for something naughty!