Friday, 29 October 2010

Pale and uninteresting

Today is the first day that I feel even a bit better. I feel a right wuss for being ill again. Someone walked past my desk yesterday and said pityingly “You get sick quite easily don’t you?” NO! I don’t, I like to think of myself as hardy. It’s irritating to have had dysentery and now flu within a month of one another. Guilt pushed me back to work yesterday – I really wasn’t up to it. The 10 minute walk from the station seemed interminable. When I finally made it to my desk, cotton wool of leg and light of head, one of the senior managers narrowed her eyes at me:

Her (accusingly): “You look pale”
Me (in a 'well, durr' tone): “I always look pale”
Her (accusingly): “You look even paler than normal”
Me (defensively): “I’ve got blusher on”
Her: “If you don’t stop looking pale, I’m going to send you home”
Me: !

As it was, the concern was soon forgotten in the usual maelstrom of the day. It was hard toughing it out – I didn’t even feel well enough to leave my desk for 5 mins over lunch. Ah well, I’m just glad to be feeling a bit better today – I don’t want it to ruin another weekend.

Especially since I have a long weekend in Suffolk coming up! Yes, we go tonight and don’t come home until Tuesday. A three day next week – hurrah! (Okay, I only did a two day week this week technically but it’s so annoying that you can never really enjoy sick leave because you’re, er, sick). Of course, the tricky thing is that dieting is always much, much more difficult when I don’t have access to the database of points and there are so many more opportunities for unregimented eating (both knowingly and unknowingly). I can only do the best I can do, right? I won’t be consulting New Scales (Scales of Optimism? Scales of Wisdom? Scales of Splendour? Well, I guess I have to give them more of a go before I choose their moniker. They could yet be SoD II) until Wednesday but I’d like to have lost a couple of lbs by then. Please.

In other (good) news, I got to see one of my best friends (and bridesmaid to be) at lunchtime today. She doesn’t live or work in London anymore and has a small child to keep her busy so I don’t see her as much as I’d like to. She was passing through London, rocking a pair of trousers that definitely channelled Katherine Hepburn. I guiltily negotiated a long lunch hour but the time still went too fast. I will see another one of my best friends tomorrow briefly too. Friends – the calorie-free treat.


Becca said...

Glad you're feeling better! I know just what you mean - I'm always so healthy except for enormous, crappy, life-threatening things that pop up every decade or so, so to have someone accuse you of being sickly is frustrating!

Lesley said...

Aaah, sorry to hear you;ve been sick. Sometimes you got through longterm phases of being well or ill and I'm sure they're inter-connected. Don't start worrying though, you'll get back to your hardy self soon I'm sure.

I hope you're in the middle of a wonderful long weekend. I'mn having a quiet one up here but enjoying life in a much more organised little cottage. It's been nice having time today so the quietness is a good thing.

Hopefully I'll have broadband soon so will go back to being a good blogpal. Fingers crossed!

Lesley xx

Call me Ishmael said...

I can see (or imagine) how you might have been a wan this week. But uninteresting? No, never. It's just no possible. You're too funny! Hope you are soon 100 percent tho -- it's no fun to be peaked. Take care.