Thursday, 14 October 2010

Meet Tubby

The moment that bum met saddle last night there was an ouch moment. 9 miles seems to have exacerbated that and all sitting down now results in some discomfort. I suppose it has been about 2 months since I last cycled and apparently the effects of cycling wear off WAY before that as the front of my thigh also went sort of numb and tingly (which sounds contradictory but is the best way I can describe it). I hope all this pain means maximum gain; NOT in lbs, rather the reverse – the gain is my loss, geddit?

Although actually, I dared (and remembered) an SoD encounter this morning and either I have put on 1lb in 2 days of exemplary behaviour or my mum’s SoD are much kinder (if no less eccentric). I’m opting for the latter as the least objectionable explanation. I have managed to change my entry in the WW log as it would be too depressing to artificially put on on Tuesday.

I did sort of manage to walk in today – by the time I’d hauled myself out of bed to discover that bf had not emptied the dishwasher and therefore I’d have to do it, I was running a bit late for a 2.75 mile walk part of the way in. My all-or-nothing mentality (and I know Ish at least knows what I’m talking about!) told me to just go straight in to work but I quelled it and got off two stops early rather than three so still got in a 1.5 mile walk – every little helps, right?

Finally, have been mulling over Ishmael’s comments on my literary (ahem!) re naming of my stone brackets. I think I have been too kind to myself. I think calling myself Chubby is like Lindsay Lohan saying she occasionally has the odd drink. Technically true but airbrushed to the point of being indecipherable. I think Ish’s category of hefty would work rather well for where I am now but in case she's trademarked it, I think I may amend my stone brackets as follows:
1. Fattest (where I started LL)
2. Fatter
3. Fat
4. Tubby (I’m currently Tubby.12)
5. Chubby (Chubby.8-ish is the lowest weight I’ve ever achieved)
6. Voluptuous
7. Curvy (My designated WW goal is Curvy.6 but I’d love to hit slim. Even Slim.13)
8. Slim (I was last here at the age of 16-17. When I starved myself)

I think Tubby is a better description – you could use harsher words that would be equally applicable, maybe even more accurate, I wouldn’t argue with any of them but I think I’ll stick with Tubby, thanks very much. At least until I can more honorably call myself Chubby.


Call me Ishmael said...

I have no copyright on hefty, Peridot! Feel free to borrow it if you like, although I'm quite taken with tubby. It sounds kind of cute. I'd rather be tubby than hefty, I think (hefty being my Clydesdale build as much as my overall weight (sigh)). Good for you for getting off the tube to walk a bit -- I know the all-or-nothing struggle all too well. Once your bum toughens up again you'll be back in the saddle like a champ, I'm sure.

Seren said...

Your stone brackets made me laugh! I was thinking of naming mine after various celebrities, but struggled to get fits.

Well done on pushing yourself with regards the cycling and walking. I am the Queen of All or Nothingdom and I know how hard it is - in the immortal words of Tesco, every little helps. I hope the SoD reward your efforts next week.