Monday, 18 October 2010

Winter is a-coming

I hoisted myself on to my saddle this morning somewhat gingerly (and that is not a reference to my tresses) but all was well – my arse seems to have recovered. Not sure it will be quite so comfortable cycling home – I always feel pretty triumphant when I’ve got in and quite forget that I then have to get home again under pedal power. Still, that’s the first of my target of two cycle commutes this week ticked off. Thursday is pencilled in as cycle 2 (can’t do Wednesday or Friday, so it will have to be Thursday or fail). It was pretty nippy around my bare calves, fingers and neck at 7.30am this morning (I left rather late) – it might be time to switch to full length leggings.... I might need to invest in some new gloves with fingers too – I have some that are apparently made for people without fingers at all since I have the smallest, most ridiculous hands ever and I have to bend my fingers in them as they cramp them so badly. It’s annoying as they weren’t cheap.

I had a pretty virtuous weekend – only one walk of c4 miles but at least a third of that was at quite a lick and it’s better than nowt. And I kept within points, just about. So I’m relying on SoD to soften its attitude by tomorrow morning; it’s the morally right thing to do.

Excitingly we bought some quinces at the weekend - so I’m going to have a go at making membrillo. I rather doubt that will be on the WW calculator although you never know, pomegranate molasses was on there (but lots of really obvious stuff isn’t) - it's pretty sugary but it's not as if you eat much of it at the time. Of course it's nicest with hard cheese (far too pointy for reckless consumption) but ham too. I'm still fretting about the rumour that WW is going to make fruit point-free – I could eat a couple of lbs of fruit a day without noticing and fruit is basically sugar and water (a few vitamins but nothing like the benefits of vegetables).

Thanks for all the colour/fashion comments! It’s not that I actually want to flash my ring about, it’s just that I feel I’m somehow letting it down by not dressing to complement it. It's much more glamorous than its bearer! Utterly absurd of me. And sadly, I don’t have the money to chuck all my chocolate clothes away (I wear it like other people wear black) to reinvest in blues, greens and purples (not worn all together I would add - I'd look like a big bruise).

I have a few risky events up ahead this week: Wednesday there is a leaving do and then I’m meeting a friend for a cocktail (except we always buckle and have two) and then another leaving do on Friday. I’m not a big drinker so this shouldn’t be a big deal but I remain wary nonetheless. Saturday – we’re going to a friends for a simple lunch (she has 2 small children and so I’ve been firm that she doesn’t go to any effort – to be honest, I would have preferred to go out but couldn’t sell her on that). And I feel like I could sleep for a month – think my subconscious is pushing me to hibernate.


Seren said...

Hibernation would be very welcome at the moment. Oh, to be a bear or a squirrel.

You'll have to let us know how the membranillo turns out - I absolutely love the stuff, especially with a good slab of manchego.....[shakes self] bad WWer!


Love Cat said...

Sterling effort Madame!