Saturday, 9 October 2010

E is for Exercise...

...not Excuses. And we know from The Shamen, that they're good. So why am I finding it so hard to get back on my bike? It's weird but when I am cycling regularly I don't turn a hair (I'm still v cautious when I cycle), but when I've stopped for a while, it's really difficult to pluck up the courage to get back at it.

And I'm confined to barracks this weekend as I'm working from Saturday am to Sunday am - no long Suffolk walks for us this weekend! So I tried to get some walking built into my day at the end of last week: I met up with bf and walked a couple of miles en route home on Thursday, despite the fact that my (apparently comfortable looking flat riding) boots kill me (thanks Duo) and I was hobbling by the time I got home. Then yesterday I got off the tube early and walked a couple of miles in (still with sore feet but safely in Converse - bless dress down Friday!), buying Ginger Pig sausage rolls for a couple of work pals en route, not a crumb of which touched my lips. And not because they went straight down my gullet either! People were wide-eyed about their magnificence (if you've not had a Ginger Pig sausage roll, you've never had a good one) to the extent that they crumbled and did a lunchtime run to buy more (mostly for people who didn't get one first time round and felt cheated, but not completely...! Yes, I'm looking at YOU, 2 sausage-rolls-M!)

Despite an unusually hectic and stressful few days I have stuck doggedly to my points. The only problem is that I am still really hungry and have been unable to have 18 points and bank 4 each day; I usually only manage to save a point here and there. I couldn't help sneaking on SoD this morning though and I am Chubby.13. Great news to be in the Chubbys - now I have to fix my eyes firmly on the Voluptuous stone bracket. I've only ever got as low as Voluptuous.8-10 but it was at that point that I started to feel a bit better about myself. And low Chubbys would mean I could fit back into my favourite jacket (hurrah). Wishing my life away as ever!

So I worry about the fact that we are meeting friends for lunch tomorrow. I do find juggling dieting with having a life really difficult. I'll have a (very) few spare points, won't be drinking and will make most sensible choices but I don't want to get back on SoD on official WI day (Tuesday) and find that I've catapulted back to the Fat stone bracket. I've looked at the menu online and it's basically a roast - it's the pudding that worries me most (and I know that I won't be strong enough not to have one). Ah well, I'll just have to do my best up to, around and after and hope for the best. Actually I can't WI on Tuesday morning as I'm at my mum's so that anxious encounter is postponed for Wednesday.

I must try and cycle once next week. Think - looking at my diary - that that's the most I will be able to manage but it would be a psychological bump start. I can do either Wednesday or Thursday I think but Wednesday would be better. I just need the weather to co-operate.


Lesley said...

No time to comment and no damn broadband for weeks!! But wanted to say hi! And will speak soon.

Lesley X

Seren said...

Mmmmm, the best sausage rolls I have ever had are from Pern's in Helmsley but I'd be willing to try a Ginger Pig one - all in the name of research, you understand!
Well done on your fortitude and good luck getting back on the bike.


Call me Ishmael said...

Ginger, I'm sorry, but really sounds like another euphemism for something naughty. Obviously, it's just me. I'm an immature idiot, and food deprivation has made me stupid. In any case, congrats on inching down the Chubby scale! Good for you. You'll be voluptuous in no time at all.

Linz M said...

I have Duo boots and I love them, but they also cripple me more than any other footwear I have owned. What is it with that?

Oh sausage rolls, how I love them. Ginger Pig is not something I am familiar with. I shall have to check them out - or not perhaps.

Good luck with the cycling. I hope the SoD award you! x