Monday, 24 January 2011

Hero of the revolution

Yesterday, despite the murkiness of the day and the frustration of trying to get our computer to work (do NOT load the new Avast anti-virus anyone who actually wants to use their computer. Seems to stop viruses by stopping your computer working. Effective but missing a trick..), I decided to cycle the 3 miles to Waitrose and get the papers. And back of course. My pelvis must have softened up since October because sitting on anything hurt was a tad ouchy afterwards. And yet, I still cycled today – the first cycle commute of 2011. I am even more ouchy now and I have to get home yet. And it’s just started sleeting, lovely. I better have a bloody good loss on the Scales of Certainty (so called because they get very pissy about you hopping on and off. And never vary) this week – I want to be in the realms of Porky.13.

My bug meant a loss of 2lbs. Unhappily that seemed to be mostly dehydration as I’ve put 1lb of it back on. Of course, weekend eating always means a little deviation into the bonus pot. It’s actually part of my allocation and yet I always feel slightly anxious about dipping in to it. I rarely use more than 10 points – and yet I reserve the right to, if we were going out to dinner (no imminent plans other than a stop at a Lebanese cafe on Friday night after the Egyptian exhibition at the British Museum – 39 points should more than allow for that!).

Looking round our prospective venue was rather fun. It’s eye-wateringly expensive though so I think it’s in the realm of ‘long shot’. Number 2 (and my favourite on paper) is scheduled for this week. Number 3 (and bf’s favourite based on the fact that you supply your own booze and there’s no corkage) has yet to be scheduled because they don’t answer emails or phone calls. Fast forward to when we can start trying cake please. And how exactly does that fit in with dieting into a wedding dress? That has to be having your cake and eating it too.


Seren said...

Sorry for a purely wedding related comment - but a venue that allows you to supply your own booze with no corkage? My gosh, that's amazing!

I think when it comes to The Venue you'll know in your gut, because you can just imagine it, you can see yourself there. Have lots and lots of fun looking.


Lesley said...

How galling that the venue which allows your own booze and no corkage is the one which doesn't respond to your calls! Picture stressed bride seeking confirmation of some vital silence......aaaargh!!

Its very exciting though looking at places and getting your plans all worked out. Enjoy and dont let them bully you into doing what THEY's your day.

Brilliant on the cycling front, ouchy or not. Keep it up. Fingers crossed for the "porky"!!

Lesley x x

claire said...

I have a cake tasting coming up soon too. We have to pick six flavours of cake. Three other couples also attend - and they also pick six flavours of cake. This means a potential 24 flavours of cake to try. Jeeeez....