Friday, 7 January 2011

Fear of commitment

I'm teetering in no(wo)mansland. I'm not pointing (which is bad) but I'm not eating off the a la carte full hedonist menu. I think I'm eating what would be a WW acceptable diet so why am I faffing? I will start pointing - soon. Probably Tuesday. I'm feeling the fear and doing it anyway - in a half-hearted way. Actually, mostly feeling the fear... Espcially when I think about what I can wear each day - and that skirt with the split (no, not a design feature).

I think it's partly a weariness about having to log on and fiddle about with the WW site - to endlessly search for things I can eat, see things that I thought I could but can't and generally fume, confuse and waste time that I'd prefer to be doing other things in.

But I want to deflate asap - to leave the Christmas chub behind me and venture boldly into unmarked leaner lands. I'm a couple of stone heavier than my lightest ever weight so those uncharted territories are not going to be explored any time soon. But I do have to accept my fate and embrace the fiddliness, faff and fussiness of being On A Diet.

The good thing about January - a silver coloured lining (bet it's nickel and will make my skin turn green!) - is that there are no lovely social occasions to derail me. It's the long, grey stretch of the straight and narrow disappearing into the far horizon until I arrive at pancake day (yum) and Valentines (romance is not a pointed ready meal, people - FACT). Despite the fact that Easter chocolate is already on the shelves.

Until next week - stay safe and lard-free amigos.

PS Which reminds me - Mrs Lard: welcome back! Your site won't let me comment - assume you haven't told it not to admit me so just letting you know.


Becca said...

Good luck, Mrs.

Oh and I'm ashamed to admit that Valentine's Day is likely to be a fully countable Waitrose ready-to-cook meal. Nom. It's not that I don't like to cook, but our tiny kitchen makes it such a solo activity.

Call me Ishmael said...

Lard-free....ahhh, if only that were my state of being rather than a description of my food plan. I can't even think about V day yet -- I'll scream if marketing starts here already. I'm still recovering from all the Xmas chocolate, dammit! Hope your commitment-phobia ends soon.

Lesley said...

I was going to take the remains of the big tim of Quality Streets we won in a pre-Christmas quiz to work....ha! Didn't but they are going down very slowly, a couple at a time so not too bad.

I think that's what I dread the most, having to fuss and faff at food. It just makes me think about it all the more. Am hoping I can avoid "dieting" as such for a while longer.

Keep the faith.

Lesley xx

claire said...

Good luck. Weight Watchers new system sounds like a nightmare. If you don't get on with it, then I can recommend Slimming World - email me if you like. It really is great.