Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Egg-cellent excuse

Isn’t it the definition of a fool that she does the same thing but expects a different result? That would be me then. I cycled to and from work yesterday in the vain (probably) hope that I’d see a decent loss on the scales on Friday. And also to keep my hand in. Or, rather, my arse. I want to limit the pain in my bum – in a literal sense, I continue to have plenty of pain in the bum in a metaphorical sense. Do you think that phrase was dreamed up by a cyclist? I begin to think so.

I’ve built up a healthy stash of exercise points this week from a couple of long, cold walks and that cycle ride. And I should have 15 points from my bonus bank. It’s more than I would usually use but in theory at any rate I ought to be able to use the whole damn lot and still lose weight. The proof of that pudding will be in the eating. Or it would be if I could eat it and still face those scales.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should add that I have hopped on and off them twice since the official weigh in last Friday; Monday I was Fat.0, this morning I was Fat.1. I will be very sad if I weigh in on Friday and am not Porky.13 at least. Btw, I LOVE Claire’s idea that I am a paranoid 9 stoner – ha! I wish.... I’d happily take that level of paranoia if I got the weight as a bonus. And whilst we’re on Claires, I’m hoping that t’other Claire is right when she says it’s the exercise and water – as long as that means I’ll jettison all that water at some points and emerge svelte and smug into a slimmer stone bracket!

Actually I’m appalling at drinking enough. Today I’ve made a huge effort and had half a litre of Pepsi Max, half a litre of sugar free squash and a cup of green tea. I’ll probably have another cup of green tea and a glass of water before the end of the day. It’s not great, is it? But on Monday I just had one (skinny) cappuccino and a green tea all day until I got home (then another tea and a glass of water). I need to work on this. Especially since our office is unpleasantly hot and muggy and I’m getting bad headaches – and little or no chance to escape at lunchtime for some ‘fresh’ air.

The diet’s not helped by real life - as ever. I got home last night after a particularly long day and a cycle home to find that bf had cooked quails’ eggs to have before dinner with celery salt, as he thought I’d arrive home starving (I did)– he was really pleased with himself, bless him, especially since he struggles to peel them. I didn’t feel I could say that I had worked out all my points for the day, cut some points from my evening meal and went 2 over (or out of my bonus pot); sometimes the diet has to take second place.

See you the other side of that weigh in...


Call me Ishmael said...

Question -- what does one do when one part of one's body is, say, tubby.0, and another part is, say voluptuous.2, but the middle part, ie arse and thighs, remains insanely, cataclysmically Porker1800? What measurement does one use then? Sigh. Good luck on the weigh in, Peridot. Fingers crossed for you!

Claire said...

T'other Claire sounds very sensible to me. I think I lose more on weeks when I drink more. x

claire said...

Claire, generally, are both sensible and quirkily intelligent - to a man (and woman). :D

Peridot - are eggs not free on Weight Watchers? Argh, what a nightmare! I eat at least two eggs every day... they may be my favourite thing in the world...

Good work on upping the drinking! Though I fear Pepsi Max may not be helping as much as the green tea and squash on the headache front as it's quite dehydrating, I believe. Still, gotta love the caffeine... I read once that 80 per cent of all headaches were caused by dehydration.

Good work on the cycling too! I sold my bike after it became an expensive, dusty, cumbersome and guilt-inducing ornament. Cycling in London is too scary for me.

claire said...

Whoops. I meant 'Claires', as in the plural Claire. D'oh.