Thursday, 24 February 2011

A weight on my mind

I do not get it. So, today I apologetically sidled on to SoD in the hope that my exemplary week would be given its just rewards. You will recall that a post-weekend WI had revealed the worrying news that I was 3/4lb UP. I tried to put this down to hormones as my period was due - and indeed I am in the middle of it. But I was still 3/4lb up. I had a shower. I re-weighed. I was exactly the same as last week. Clearly I had 3/4lb of dirt on me that I washed off - who knew I was so dirty? But the upshot is that I followed all the rules, didn't use all of my flexi points, didn't do any of that fattening cycling (because of the weather mainly) and I STILL didn't lose any weight.

I still haven't lost my Christmas weight - I'm still up 4lbs - which means that I've lost a paltry 7lbs in the last 2 months. And that's not 2 months of half-heartedly dieting and cheating, that's 2 months of really putting my back into it. The first couple of weeks were okay and since then my losses have dwindled to barely registering to the naked eye. I feel cheated to be honest - if you follow the rules, you should be guaranteed the result. I should be losing a steady 1-2lbs every week. Closer to 2lbs ideally but I'd accept the odd 1lb week.

And this is the foody weekend (attempts to take breakfast politely refused)


Seren said...

Oh dear :( I'm tempted to say that given you are still in the middle of your period you could still be holding on to some fluid. Any chance?

It is so frustrating when you don't see the results you deserve. Half a stone in 2 months is still going on for a pound a week on average - and we were reminded yesterday by a sympathetic leader that WW say anything between half a pound to two pounds is the expected loss per week.

I guess the only helpful comment I can make is keep plugging away. But actually, that's not that helpful. Enjoy your weekend in any case and stay strong in the face of croissants.


claire said...

Peridot - 1lb a week is not to be sniffed at! I lost 1lb a week for most of last year - actually, less, on average, and by the end of the year I'd lose three stones! It went on slowly for me and it's coming off slowly. 1lb a week is 4 stones in a year and that is a GOOD and STABLE loss.

If it keeps getting you down, the only thing I can suggest is trying another diet (come across to Slimming World!) - but not something insane like lighter life.

Gabby said...

That's so unfair! There is no justice in this world.

Maybe you're still retaining fluids though- I always weigh myself after my period.

You poor thing though. It must be really demoralising, and you should be proud of yourself for keeping on going like you are.

Lesley said...

Yep. The big picture as portrayed by Claire is brilliant. I always preferred SW to WW as well....

I think the trouble might be the wedding deadline which means you want better than (very) slow and steady. But if you accept that this us about your whole life and that you will be a gorgeous bride anyway, perhaps you can be more philosophical about the apparent unfairness!!

Alternatively....stamp and scream a bit.....

Lesley xx

Lesley said...

Ps. Just noticed all your punning post titles...brilliant!

Petra said...

I never learn not to weigh myself with my period. I start storing water a week before and very often don´t lose till the very end.

I think there are scales that can read the bodyfat as well as the water. I always see it in the gym, where it shows on slip.

Try not to stress yourself too much. Our body are not machines and stress can counteract to weightloss.

The one thing to speed things up is always excercise.

But you´re doing absolutely brilliant so be proud of yourself!


Call me Ishmael said...

It's a mysterious thing, this weight loss. I'll reserve SOD criticism until next weigh-in, because you are due for a nice big drop. Periods always mess things up, sadly.