Monday, 28 February 2011

The pudding club

Soooo, The Weekend of Food. How did that go? Well, on the side of the righteous I ate a mere 2 points on Saturday (breakfast) and 5 on Sunday (dinner) from my allowance of 29 each day in order to devote as many points as possible to Unstructured Eating. And I only allowed myself 1 glass of wine and a sip of sloe gin (for research purposes, honestly) in a 10 hour drinking window. I stuck to fizzy water – even turning down the delicious (but sadly sugary) elderflower cordial I was offered. And I chose the lowest cal etc option for lunch (venison sausage casserole) and spurned potatoes in favour of green veg. But. As ever, my sweet tooth rather got the better of me. On the side of the, er, very unrighteous, I had:

• 2 croissants with home-made jam (no butter)
• 2 plates of cheese (but v small amounts – 4 slivers, twice over)
• 1 portion of apricot crumble and custard (made with rice flour - bluerghhh)
• 1 tiny portion of chocolate cake - tiny because it was marred (ruined!) by whole prunes in it. I picked the prunes out but it was a faff.
• 2 portions raspberry pavlova (yum)
• 2 large wedges birthday cake (home made – very yum)
• 2 small slices ciabatta bread

I would point out that this was across 2 lunches, one dinner and one breakfast. And I am devoting my entire weekly flexi allowance to the cause – so as long as this little lot didn’t total more than 100 pps, I should be fine. Eeek.

Anyway, it’s done. I don’t feel de-railed by it – I don’t eve feel as if I’ve fallen off the wagon. I felt more as if I were teetering on the edge of the wagon post WI on Friday. I was flirting with “sod it” behaviour – the sort of behaviour that leads to the obscene ingestion of many sugary calories. As it was, I stuck to my weekly allowance of one square of dark chocolate (although it’s 2 if I have sufficient points spare). I was a little sad as I usually have a bit more chocolate on Fri/Sat/Sun but as this usually comes from my flexi points, it was not an option (chocolate or otherwise).

The rest of the week looks fairly innocuous so I should be able to follow the path of virtue without too much distraction. Next week I will mostly be spending my flexi points on PANCAKES (yum).


Seren said...

I would regard that as restrained to the point of...well, sainthood. And I really hope that the SoD agree with me and reward you suitably.


Lesley said...

You sound as tho you were very restrained. Well done!! I need a bit of that willpower tbh.

Keep it up chuck!

Lesley x x l

Linz M said...

Very restrained, I could do with some of the same willpower! Good work lady xx

Petra said...

Wow, that´s picture book.