Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Of picking up and dusting down. And cookies

I can’t even do rebellion properly. I decided that damnit, I was going to have a calorific treat after yesterday’s disappointment. Initially I couldn’t think what to have – I really wanted a Ben’s Cookie (just amazing cookies, soft and squidgy: but their outlets are few and far between. My PhD friend offered herself as personal courier to bring me one but I knew this would delay me getting home via the supermarket which I absolutely had to do (having got stuck in the office until too late the previous night). Then I thought of rose and violet creams – but could only work out how to buy a dozen (all of which I would have eaten). Finally I came up with a Creme Egg. But I was still in two minds about it. Had I had free and unfettered access to a Ben’s cookie I might well have gone for it but I was a bit equivocal about anything else. I wandered around Waitrose – having had an horrendous journey there – and eventually bought a small bag (60g) of wasabi flavoured almonds. They’d run out of Creme Eggs. I ate all the almonds on my long and frustrating journey 2 miles home with delays at every point. I think they were c360cals. And then at home I ate 4 Baci chocolates. I did enjoy the almonds but they didn’t hit the spot – especially since eating them on various platforms was not a pleasurable experience. And the Baci were disappointing. As La PhD said, basically anything other than the cookie was not going to do it for me. So I ate quite a few calories without really enjoying them, sigh.

But life goes on and I’m not about to give up and eat myself into gross-dom just yet, however much the eating bit of that sounds fun. I’m going to plough on this week (aberrations aside – see above and below) and hope for better news next week. Considerably better news I might add.

Today an Aussie colleague brought in home-baked Anzac biscuits. I’m not a big biscuit fan but these were so delicious that I had two. They’re sweet, sticky, chewy, oaty and coconutty. I wish I’d been able to just stick at one but I don’t regret having that one; they were wonderful. Resistance is still not something I do easily or gracefully.

Menu for yesterday:
B – ½ cup porridge made with half LF soya milk and half water with dsp flaked almonds (too much porridge). V8
S – LF cottage cheese with head chicory
L – homemade Spanish chicken soup, SF jelly
S – Rhubarb stewed with sweetener and 3 tbsp FF yoghurt, 5 haribo, 2 mini eggs, 60g wasabi almonds
D – Roasted ratatouille and chicken breast stuffed with tbsp v LF cream cheese, wrapped in slice parma ham. Ate the other 2 bits of parma ham.
P – blueberries with 3 tsp FF yoghurt, SB hot choc, 4 Baci

For obvious reasons, pretty short on gratitude. So forget that section of the post.

PS Very nice of you Ish, but I don’t so much light up the room as block the light if I stand between you and the light source

PPS Photo – no, really. Showed bf last night who looked at it in horror and said “WHY did you do that to your hair?”. It was just in a ponytail but obviously it didn’t show in the photo. “Yes” he continued, with, I swear, a slight curl of lip “It doesn’t show you at your best – how long are you stuck with it?”! All of which is better than someone saying ‘Oh NO, it’s really nice’ where you then realise you look even worse in real life.


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

I have a question. I thought biscuits and cookies were the same thing, or are they? At least you got to enjoy the biscuits!

I have been in your shoes many times...I've had a particular thing in mind I'd wanted as a "treat", then couldn't get it or tried to avoid it. I'd eat my way through all sorts of other snacks, but in the end, STILL wanted the elusive "magic" snack I'd been craving. Frustrating.

I have just realized that Scales of Doom is S.O.D. for short. As in sod-off! haha

The book I mentioned in my blog is Nice Girls Finish Fat by Karen Koenig. She's an excellent author. You can read an excerpt on for free, I think.

Have a good day!

Lainey. said...

Hullo P

What a fecker about the scales. They are wee shits. Well done for getting back on the dieting nag for another week - you won't regret it.

Debbie - cookies are a type of biscuit i.e. choc chip cookies. There are SO many other types of biscuit. I'll not list them all as am already drooling.

Claire said...

I gave you an award! Visit my blog to find out what it is.

Lesley said...

You are sticking to your guns and those bastard scales WILL move in the right direction soon.

Keep it up chuck.

Lesley x

MyDiet said...

Hi there,
I found your blog by accident and it was quite an inspiration to read. I have just recently started my own blog as I've just enrolled with LL. I've cross linked your blog on mine as well, for my own records and others :)

Call Me Ishmael said...

Hi Peridot,

I don't know if low fat cottage cheese and blueberries for breakkie does anything particular in terms of weight loss. But I think it's a good breakfast for me, because 1) I get to eat a pretty big amount of cottage cheese and still stay below 400 calories (and I'm a volume eater, and I like a big breakkie) 2) it has a lot of protein, and I'm trying to up the protein and 3) the blueberries are sinfully expensive organic ones flown in from chile and o my word they are gooooooooodd, good good, even if ecologically very bad for the planet (being flown here and all). I'll substitute with raspberries/strawberries when the bberries can't be justified. I like it -- works for me!