Friday, 15 January 2010

Mr Darcy, I presume?

Last night I went country dancing – I know, it’s odd, I accept it's borderline nerdy. PhD in anti-fatter friend said she fancied some sort of dancing. I fancied a type which wouldn’t require me to wear a leotard (which frankly is also an act of mercy to anyone in the class). This course said charmingly “You’ve seen the Jane Austen films on TV, now come and learn some of the dances from the Ball scenes...”. I teased my friend that we might find her a Darcy (since I already have more of a Knightley - you know, grumpier and more inclined to pass judgement!). We went in to class to find.... alot of very stout, bewhiskered, elderly ladies”. My dance partner was a woman too stout to skip (she plodded in a very solemn way) with an impressive bosom resting gently on her belly - shown off to startling effect by her white polo neck. We were the youngest and most glamorous members of the class, bar one. My friend is well used to being the most glamorous woman in the room on any given occasion, I am not. We both concealed our surprise well I think (unlike Darcy’s party in P&P) and it was enjoyable if not energetic. In my head I was in those ball scenes and in Elizabeth I’s court – although that particular dance, my friend later kindly informed me, was in fact a hundred years later (we got a potted history of each dance before we learnt it which was nice). Ah well.

Soooo, Ish ‘tagged’ me to write my 10 things that make me happy. Do you know, it was harder to think of those than 10 things that enfuriated me? Isn’t that shocking? And maybe partly due to my commute in on the Jubilee line this morning. Their definition of a “good service” and mine seem to be worlds apart....

1. Friends – I am so lucky, I have wonderful friends. I’d count my mum in here too as ‘Family’ certainly won’t make this list
2. Bf – he can be amazing and he’s funny and clever and interesting. And quite cute.
3. Food! Sorry, but it’s true. Not everything of course! But lovely food in the right setting – a wonderful dinner with wine and friends, cake and tea in some little rural teahouse somewhere, that sort of thing. And chocolate: any time, any place, anywhere.
4. Walking – I love walking in the countryside, it’s when I feel calmest and happiest, especially if it’s along the coast or in woods.
5. Dogs – gun dogs or big dogs really. Couldn’t be less keen on those little rat-dogs, ugh.
6. Singing – just joined a choir again and I really love it. I would hate to sing on my own but hidden in the anonymity of the group, I just love it.
7. Fire – not in a scary pyromaniac way but I love a real fire (admittedly ideally accompanied by hot chocolate and marshmallows!) and I like candles too
8. Sense of smell – I have a nose like a bloodhound (fortunately not in appearance) and am very sensitive to scent. I love the smell of leather, coffee and citrus especially (not all together)
9. Reading – I love escaping into a good book (or my version of a good book anyway (the game's up, you've read me on Twilight) – mostly chick-lit and thrillers) and getting totally miss-your-stop immersed so you look up dazed from another world
10. Variety of odd animals – ducks, camels, seals, puffins, Highland cows, otters, tigers, leopards – love all these. Bit of a weak one I know (although true) - reserve right to edit this one.

I tag Beth ( and Lesley ( You’re supposed to tag 10 people but rules, schmules. Ladies, I await your lists with great interest....

No time for menus (for which you are probably devoutly thankful) but must do my 3 things to be thankful for (since I’ve started a trend. Get me! First time that’s ever happened):

1. Lots of US SF goodies from PhD friend
2. Dancing – fun in a weird sort of way
3. Choir – started on singing Faure’s Requiem, just lovely

Do you know, I had loads of thoughts yesterday as to what these might be but they have fallen out of my head and I’ve still struggled.

I’m on call over the weekend but I hope the rest of you have a good one.


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

From Mr. Darcy to stout,be-whiskered elderly ladies...haha! I was totally suckered into imagining a Colin Firth-esque type at your dancing, too; alas the whiskery old ladies was probably a given.

Thanks for your list of 10 things-have a nice weekend.

Lesley said...

Yes, dance classes can be a bit of a let-down. I tried a belly dancing class and was hoping for lots of sinuous eastern beauties to inspire me but got - stout be-whiskered ladies of a certain age!! Perhaps they travel in packs from class to class up and down the country??!

Will try my 10 things although suspect they might be much the same as yours!!

It's nice to hear you sounding so chirpy (despite the Jubilee Line's best efforts).

Lesley x