Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Hungry Humpty

So I now have one day of South Beach (SB) under my belt. If I could wear a belt without looking like Humpty Dumpty. Or worse. Despite the provocation of home-made chocolate orange marble cake, I did not weaken. No-one is more surprised than me. And I’m now half way through day 2. You have to do 14 days on Phase 1 which is supposed to break your carb addiction and then you can add certain fruits and grains a bit at a time.

Today my menu is planned as:

B – glass of V8, portion of cottage cheese with ham
S – 4 walnuts and a medium skinny cappuccino
L – Large green salad with leaves (inc pea tops, mmmm), celery, ¼ avocado, ½ red pepper and a pack of sliced chicken breast. And some edamame beans.
S – Muller lite yoghurt
D – chicken breast stuffed with LF Laughing Cow cheese and wrapped in slice of parma ham with Brussels sprouts and possibly chestnuts
P – SF jelly

Bit anxious that I might get hungry this afternoon though but the weather’s so foul that I didn’t make it out to buy more walnuts. Or ham, or, or whatever. Got to go home via Waitrose though – all the planning is exhausting! Absolutely no idea about what I’ll eat tomorrow night and too tired to think about it at the moment. Sigh.

Did anyone see My Big Fat Diet last night? I am a sucker for these types of programmes – for obvious reasons – but it wasn’t actually that great. I didn’t think that the presenter – Anna Richardson – was at all overweight despite the stagey squeezing her into a too small dress. In fact she was pretty gorgeous – as was clear from the scenes of her in a black mini skirt and long boots – and I’d be very happy to be her! All the women they had dieting were slimmer than me which was sad (for me!), but I really felt for the one woman who hadn’t lost weight when all the others had. Her face as she stood there, trying to be pleased for the others and crying.... That would be me, it has been me. They didn’t go into it or explain at all, other than AR saying “Oh this can happen sometimes”. Er, why? WHY? The bit that was interesting was the “store” where everything was in 100cal pouches so you could see how much food you can ‘buy’ for your calorie allowance. I’ll be watching it on Thursday anyway.

Three things to be grateful for from yesterday:

1) Bit complicated but I thought bf had put the phone down on me and was steeling myself for a confrontation but it was faulty mobile reception – phew!
2) Managed to fix my ipod – all by myself!
3) Stuck to diet

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Lainey. said...

Good work missy!

One day at a time and you're doing it. I like!

I'm so pleased most of the places I now work have naff all goodies in them - that's my weak spot. Here's to another day!