Thursday, 21 January 2010

Small and round

No! Not me! Well, actually, yes, me. But really I was talking about blueberries. As a self-confessed fructose-addict, two weeks without fruit have not been fun. Okay, perhaps it’s part of a bigger sugar addiction but that’s more than I can tackle here. However, last night, as part of SB2, I got to have some fruit – I chose blueberries since we were advised to try either berries or apples and blueberries were there on the shelf. I had them with some FF greek yoghurt as protein is supposed to help balance the sugar. It was very nice to have fruit back in my life. Tomorrow I’m going to go wild and have Frozen Yoghurt a la Dietgirl but with Splenda instead of icing sugar ( It’s delicious and I commend it to you – hope it still is with the artificial stuff.

But of course, I am terrified that this diet is not going to work for me. If it’s 6lbs one week and 3/4lb the next, well, I can live with that! But if the average is 3/4lb OR EVEN LESS (because of going into phase 2) that would be wretched. Not because it’s difficult/miserable to eat this way – it takes some planning and I mourn the loss of the evil sweet stuff, but it’s not too bad (as one who has existed solely on packets of chemical dust on LL). But because I don’t want to be this way, to feel this way, to look this way. Any longer.

I’m still struggling with the hibernation instinct – I am just SO tired. Every day I set my alarm for 6am to get up and do some exercise and every day I hit snooze 9 times and get up at 6.45am. I drag myself about (with a crushing headache) and it’s not fun. I am hoping that as the days are now getting longer (a bit, anyway!) that I’ll get some zest and pep back.

Yesterday’s menu:

B – V8, egg ‘muffins’
S – 6 walnuts
L – courgette soup and LF cottage cheese and chicory. This was lunch and snack at the same time far too early as I was out of the office for the majority of the afternoon (where I resisted chocolate cake, sob)
D – Ham and roasted ratatouille. I was starving as I was caught in the office late and didn’t get home until 8pm
P – SF jelly and blueberries with 3tsp FF greek yoghurt

Three things to be grateful for:
1. Blueberries!
2. Loaded some new books on my Reader
3. Bf was very sweet and cuddly and said nice things


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Yum! I love blueberries, too. They grow wild around my grandmother's house in Newfoundland (Canada). You can just sit there amongst the bushes and eat, and eat, and eat!

Did you make your courgette soup from scratch?

Claire said...

I know I've asked before but have you had your thyroid checked? Cos tiredness, difficulty losing weight...they are all signs. Throw in constipation, low temps, feeling cold and you're there baby! If you have had it checked do you know what the actual number was? I ask because my doc doesn't treat you unless your TSH is over 10 but when mine was 3 I felt crap! So they might tell you its fine when its not.

Alice said...

Good luck Peridot! Sounds like you're doing great. I updated my blog the other day.. but not much news sadly. Especially not good news. You're being an excellent role model for me though!