Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Planet of the canapes

Despite EXTREME provocation, I stuck to the diet yesterday. At the work event not a single canapé or glass of booze touched my lips – in fact I didn’t get a drink at all as they only had juice or tap water, one of which was forbidden and the other unpalatable. And I was hungry. I rang bf on the way home to get him to put my pre-prepared roast ratatouille and a piece of fish in the oven so I could eat as soon as I walked in the door (at 9.15pm) only to arrive home and find that he’d forgotten. I ate at 9.50pm, in a martyred but swift fashion. For some reason I woke up today still hungry.

The weather doesn’t help. The further snow and bitter cold make me want to mainline hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and grated chocolate. And that’s just as an in-between meals snack! And some kind soul in the office turned the fridge down to sub-zero temperatures and has thus frozen my salad for lunch today – I like salad, more than the next person I reckon, but iced lettuce is not nice in anyone’s book. I’m insanely irritated by this as it was an expensive salad (nicoise which I was going to remove the potato from (and red onion – raw onion, bleurgh) and now I’m going to have to go and buy ANOTHER expensive salad, grrr. In the cold and snow in utterly unsuitable footwear. Not Louboutains, I hasten to add but riding style boots with a treacherously smooth sole.

I had lugged loads of stuff in to work today as I was supposed to be having my hair done at my mum’s tonight. Unsurprisingly the hairdresser has cancelled as she’s snowed in but I had heroically heave in an even greater gaggle of Tupperware to compensate for staying at my mum's tonight (breakfast today, breakfast tomorrow, snacks today, snacks tomorrow). I suppose if the weather worsens I can lash all the little plastic boxes together to make a handy toboggan...

Wot I ate yesterday:
B – V8 and then mock ‘oatmeal’. Still not feeling the love. It gets one more try tomorrow and if it doesn’t shape up, it’s out.
S – 8 walnuts
L – Jagger-lips soup. Edamame beans
S – LF cottage cheese with chicory. 100g prawns, small bag (30g) of sugarsnaps (to get me through the canapé obstacle course ahead)
D – Roast ratatouille and baked salmon with capers. Late. Did I mention that?
P – Naked jelly (no fig leaf of spray cream, sigh. Or – more likely – fig canopy)

Three things to be grateful for from yesterday. Hmmm, let me think, what could I say? Hmmmm, oh I know:
1. Survived canapé hell with dignity, honour and integrity intact. And did the small talk when I had to with reasonably good grace – managed to avoid actually talking about work alot of the time too, ha!
2. Managed to actually leave my desk at lunchtime


Help me out.......

There must be something else......

Oh yeah!
3. Didn’t I lose 6lbs?!


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Well done with the canapes...although odd choices available for beverages. (Who serves tap water these days? Eww.)

I think you deserve a nice NON-FROZEN salad in recognition of your efforts with all of this Tupperware you've been lugging about. And with such cold and snowy weather, frozen salad would be about the last thing I'd want to eat!

Stay warm...maybe some herbal tea instead of the hot chocolate? (I know, it's just not the same!)

Lesley said...

I like the idea of you strapped to a raft of tupperware sliding down a random iced up High Street in London, preferably being pulled along by some hunky chaps but maybe I'm getting carried away - a pack of pooodles perhaps??

Er, I haven't been drinking, honest!

Well done on the canape restraint. it can be done - remind yourself of this next time and it SHOULD be easier...

Lesley x

Claire said...

You're doing really well. x

Lainey. said...


I so bloody happy for you! 6lbs! That's amazing! Just look what you can do when you put your head down.

Well done. Well done! And resisting canapes? You're going from strength to strength. Too good!


Shauna said...

I can't believe noone has commented on your genius entry title. Made my day! :) And well done you legend you!