Friday, 8 January 2010

Rattle and hmmmmm

I noticed this morning that I not only rattle on the way home with my empty Tupperwares (I fear even the word ages me), I rattle on the way in too with my walnuts (in their shells) bouncing about.

I’m tired. Very tired. I’ve not slept well all week and last night I was on call. I finally went to bed at 11.10pm, taking some herbal sleep remedy as I did so. 10 mins later my phone started going. So there I was, at midnight, shivering in a t-shirt in our living room, having a row with someone whilst trying to not wake bf. I failed not to wake bf but did succeed in the row. I got to bed at gone midnight but had to be up to work again just before 6am. And now I’m in the office, very tired (and with a spot that’s making a takeover bid for my entire jawline and both chins that reside there). The spot heralds my period next week and that and the tiredness are really making me want to mainline sugar. Preferably chocolate. In industrial quantities. As it is:

B – strange SB recipe called mock oatmeal which is quark, an egg and sweetener, microwaved – to which I added vanilla essence and cinnamon. It was quite nice and better than plain LF cottage cheese. I’m supposed to have vegetables or a glass of V8 but was too busy with the work stuff.
S – LF cottage cheese and chicory bulb (or endive in US)
L – salad of leaves, celery and red pepper with olive oil and balsamic and parma ham. And edamame beans
S – 75g of fat free yoghurt with cocoa and sweetener, walnuts
D – Huh, just realised I forgot to get a piece of salmon out of the freezer. So chicken stir fry I guess.
P – SF jelly and a low cal instant hot chocolate

So with the weekend forecast, I’m planning on hibernating. A trip to Waitrose to buy supplies and then holing up against the elements. I think I’m going to have to do a certain amount of cooking for next week – which means being organised for next week – since, much as I love salad, I think soup might be more appropriate (brrrrr). When I eventually get back to cycling (assuming it doesn’t kill me) I will have to be far more organised as at the moment I seem to have to trail round the supermarket in ever decreasing circles of despair every night, trying to work out what to buy to eat.

Three things from yesterday:
1. Stuck to diet even in the face of delightfully iced cookies in the shapes of parcels and – apparently – candles (they actually looked like willies) and Haribo and a strong evening chocolate craving
2. Nice new magazine to read
3. SB new book arrived

Thanks for the compliment Fionna! But that Lesley, when she says “funny”, she doesn’t mean witty....! (she might be right, she's met me!)

Have a warm weekend.


Lesley said...

I do mean witty, I doooo! And maybe a bit "funny" too.....

I think you're doing really well in the face of adversity. Keep it up and get to the gym or something this weekend!!!

Lesley x

Claire said...

Your good things lists are getting better..that's a good sign for tomorrows list if you are struggling! xxx