Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Feel the fear...

Today is day 16 of SB. I couldn’t weigh myself after a fortnight as you may recall because I was separated from the Scales of Doom. It’s never a joyous experience, my encounters with SoD – usually I’ve put on or lost a paltry amount and even last week’s loss of a satisfying 6lbs made me nervous that it was a blip, not a trend. Such pessimism! But I’ve been proved right. I lost just under 1lb this week (not a good reward for all my cake avoidance in my book); I have a dial type of reading on my SoD so in small amounts, it’s more difficult to tell but I reckon it’s about 3/4lb. I am disappointed but my overall feeling is fear – weight loss is supposed to slow on Phase 2 which is what I’m supposed to be doing now but if I lose less than 1lb on the rapid weight loss phase, well, eeek. I still have mostly Phase 1 food to eat up so won’t be introducing oats (the first carb I’m intending to add) until next week so my first real deviation from Phase 1 is either likely to be some fruit this week or we have a friend over for dinner on Saturday, which is almost wholly SB compliant except for a couple of spoonfuls of redcurrant jelly in the sauce (for 3 of us), a glass of wine (SB2 okay) but pudding....well, the closest I can get is little (and I mean little) chocolate mousses made without sugar – just dark chocolate, eggs and nuts. I’m not giving up, I am sticking with it but the Fear is now greater than ever and its friend Despair is lurking round the corner.

Yesterday I got a full blown migraine and had to go home. Today I’ve got to dash out (for work purposes) from lunchtime until late afternoon. All this plays havoc with structuring my food. Nevertheless, here’s my food consumption for yesterday:

B – egg ‘muffins’ and V8
S – nothing
L – homemade courgette and quark soup (not a triumph), slice LF cheese
S – 6 walnuts, SF jelly, SB hot choc
D – LF cheese and ham omelette with green salad
P – LF ricotta (imported via PhD friend from US) flavoured with cocoa and sweetener, SB hot choc

I probably did eat too much – what do you think?

And my three things to feel grateful for (pretty tough when you have a migraine):
1. My boss seemed okay that I had to go home
2. Migraine did eventually lift
3. Did have a book at home – feared I’d run out.

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Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Please, please, PLEASE keep Despair at bay! You are SO worth it.

Feel the fear, and do it anyway!

Your cheering section,