Monday, 25 January 2010

Boxing clever

I have reached new highs in the plastic stakes – or maybe new lows, depends how you look at it. I have to take a separate bag into work every day as it is to house all my Tupperware type boxes (heavy on the outward journey, rattly on the inward), but today I had 5 – FIVE – boxes. Forget bag-lady - I am box-lady, hear me rattle.

I have been pretty good all weekend. Enough that I am impressed with myself. But I don’t believe it will be enough for Scales of Doom to give me the thumbs up tomorrow, in its despotic Roman emperor way.

Our friend came over for supper and I was SB compliant all the way through! I ignored the crisps, I was frugal on the wine (3 glasses plus a very small flute of champagne – and I accept this isn’t perfect but I really had considerably less than I wanted), I had a merest slither of cheese and the pudding was not nice but was SB (it was a mousse made with high cocoa solids plain chocolate, crushed hazelnuts and egg, made in minute portions – it was too dark and bitter for my personal taste). Our friend passed out before pudding actually (literally) so perhaps I needn’t have agonised over it quite as much! He and bf got through 5 ½ bottles of wine excepting what I had above. Neither of them was particularly perky on Sunday but they managed a big breakfast and then our guest had his pudding that he’d missed out on!

The trouble is, is that – as PhD friend says, as soon as I turn down something I wanted to eat and didn’t, I expect payback. Turn down a cupcake? Ker-ching, lose 2lbs. Deny yourself chocolate? Pass go and lose another 2lbs. Pass up a glass of wine from a new bottle that you’ve not tried before? Surely another lb? If there were any justice in life, weight loss would work like this and I would be a size 10 (UK size 10). Even though I’m not bothered to actually be a 10 (I’d rather have the cupcake and be a 12!).

Today, with some trepidation, I added a – gasp – carbohydrate to my menu today. So far I have been going for almost a week just with one portion of berries added in, today I had porridge for breakfast. I think the portion was too small and yet I was okay to have lunch at 1pm with my snack in between (more of this tomorrow).

B – 1 sausage, 2 pieces of lean bacon, 2 eggs scrambled, mushrooms, roast tomatoes
No real discipline after this in terms of meals/snacks but a random assortment of things: 6 quails eggs with celery salt, 30 pistachios (the designated portion), a taste of the soup I’d made for this week (about 3 tbsps), SB hot chocolate
D – home made burger with slice LF cheese, mushroom and tomato and LF mayo with cornichons and capers with a large green salad and ¼ avocado.
P – ricotta flavoured with cocoa and sweetener, raspberries with 2tbsp FF greek yoghurt. 1 Baci chocolate (plain and with nut – technically allowed and very delicious but guilt inducing)

The gratitude trio:
1. A nice, lazy day without feeling too cooped up
2. Mah-jong!
3. Baci! SB has not cured me of chocolate.


Lainey. said...

I feel like I am a never ending tupperware cycle - and am constantly trying to take back some of my mum's that I have stolen but then I stay the night and need to use it again the next day!

Today with me I have my overnight/gym bag, my handbag and a fancy shopping bag with all my boxes in it!

Good luck for this week's WI. Got is all crossed for you. x

adultwetwipes said...

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