Monday, 18 January 2010

Resistance is futile, Mr Bond (or Ms Munter)

Sooo, Friday night at work I resisted Krispy Kremes - now, I don't actually like KKs (even the name - or rather, the spelling - sets my teeth on edge) because I actually find them too sweet but the mere act of not having a cake, especially one with chocolate icing and colour sprinkles, was an effort.

Still, it was a dress rehearsal for the weekend when bf took it upon himself to go and buy cake from a v far off bakery that PhD friend introduced us to. She probably thought it was relatively safe as it's about an hour and a half's journey to the other side of London, but their cakes are AMAZING and the two guys that run it are adorable. And very, very (camp) American so hilarious to boot. Bf pretty much chooses their cakes based on their alcohol content and came back with brownies (relatively easy to resist since - frankly and immodestly - my brownies can't actually be surpassed (they have marshmallows, Werther's Originals and Crunchie bar/honeycomb in)) and something so oozy that it squished through the paper bag I daren't look in that had macadamias in. Argh! Bf put one in the freezer for me for some as yet unidentified time when I can have it (scheduling that for 2012, sniff!). And then, after working for 24 hours on Saturday (not solidly) we went to my mother's where he ate loads of biscuits in front of me when I was starving (so was he to be fair). The lure of sugar is as strong as ever, sigh. Even though 2 weeks (nearly) of SB should have "cured" my cravings. A piece of ham or LF cheese is not a worthy substitute. Except it is worthy but not pleasurable in the same way. I guess it's more psychological cravings than physical. Mind over mattter - it's just there's rather a lot of matter to get my mind over!

It's quite hard to structure my food at weekends too. At work there's a clear breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, home for dinner timetable going on. At weekends it all sort of flies out of the window and I tend to have 3 snacks rather than a lunch. Well, we'll see what the Scales of Doom have to say on Wednesday I guess. I don't enjoy our encounters and even after such a positive result last week, dread and worry over the WI.

Yesterday we managed to get outside for a 6 mile hilly walk (not your sort of hills Lesley but no mere inclines anyway!) in the sunshine with my mum and the Lab pack. It was really nice to get some fresh air - even though it came with a side order of a great deal of mud!

I also binned one of my cheap M&S bras - it was £5 in the sale and although fairly ugly, I thought I'd got a bargain. I have a - ahem - substantial bosom and the cups were supported (or not) by a 3mm max wide strap that cut into my shoulders so badly that I've bruised them. I tried tightening the band but it was just badly constructed. I couldn't wait to rip it off when I got in on Friday (I waited til I got home, I do have some class!) and had it been remotely practical would happily have burnt it. I tell you, if they'd put women in these bras in the 1960s then everyone over a B cup would have been burning their bras and embracing feminism with alacrity!

Yesterday's mixed up menu

B - Smoked salmon and scrambled egg, V8
S - nothing
L - nothing
S - 2 egg cups (baked egg with cheese and spring onion), a slice LF mozzerella, 30 pistachios
D - Sliced smoked ham (delicious), cold chicken, salad (leaves, tomatoes and 1/4 avocado) and pickled onions
P - SF jelly. Actually jello since it was American - strawberry and banana, a flavour you can't get here and really yummy. Then a hot chocolate SB style (LF soy milk, cocoa, sweetener)

Three things to be grateful for from yesterday:
1. Lovely walk in the winter sunshine
2. Resisted brownie, biscuits and red wine
3. Bf found mah jong on computer - love this!


Lainey. said...

You're doing so well resisting all those temptations! I'm inspired!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Peridot, you crack me up! ("scales of doom" Maybe one day they'll become the scales of justice?)

Luxurious baked goods vs. slices of ham and cheese...for me, one is glorious indulgence and the other, merely functional food. I don't know about you, but I don't think my brain will ever be rewired to prefer ham and cheese over sweets. Even if I live to be 100.

Please post if you find a good bra. At forty, I'm still looking for one that fits properly.