Monday, 1 February 2010

Feeling fruity

I don’t know – why is it one step forward and two back? I ate two cookies in the office on Friday which to my horror, I discovered amounted to c900 calories (delicious ones but still....). I had a VERY frugal supper of no more than 250cals to make up for it. And yesterday we slithered through the mud on a 7.8 mile hilly walk that made Lab #1 so stiff she had to have a painkiller in the evening, poor thing. So did my mum! Apparently this will have burnt c2500cals (in me). Which should make up for those cookies and then some. And I was very good with food over the weekend too.

And then today in a panic about a possible job application and the WI tomorrow, I ate half a dozen Haribo and half a dozen Celebrations. I do despair of myself. I think it’s an ongoing and building fear kicked off by the +1lb. It’s ridiculous I know and I must get back to the discipline of the past month. Actually my period is due cFriday and that may also be a culprit...

Another possibility is that fruit is kicking this off. I’m just moving up to two servings today (so can’t realistically say it would explain me gorging on stuff this afternoon – unless it’s psychological). I had blueberries in my porridge which was very nice and I will have a pear tonight. I am actually taking it more slowly than SB necessarily dictate. I don’t intend to add anything else in the way of carbs into my diet for the foreseeable future. I can live with things like they are at the moment – porridge and fruit for breakfast, soup or salad for lunch with SF jelly and protein with veg/salad in the evening (one glass of wine at the weekend) with another piece of fruit and a square (or two, depending on size) of dark chocolate.

I am supposed to balance my fruit with protein but it’s tricky – I have soy milk in my porridge (half and half with water) so that clears that up, but in the evening it’s trickier. SB always seem to suggest nuts or peanut butter, but I have my nut allocation as a snack and cheese is too high in calories to feel comfortable with it every day. I can only think to have a bit of yoghurt too but whilst it works with berries, it’s not so good with a pear or some melon or plums (the evening fruit choices which lie ahead). Perhaps I need to stew apples or pears to go in my porridge and have the berries in the evening? At the moment, these choices seem to be overwhelming which is not a good sign. Anyone know anything else good to flavour porridge with?

I’ve checked the monthly weather forecast – doesn’t look like this fat bottomed girl will be back on her bike any time soon, with next week being “bitterly cold” and the rest of February staying the same.

I’m sure you’re heartily sick of the food diaries so I’ll just say that I WAS going to have an omelette (cheese and mushroom) and salad tonight but now (post Haribos and Celebrations) I’ll be having some smoked trout and salad to try and claw back some cals.

3 things to feel grateful for yesterday (and I’m afraid I DO only do this if I’m typing a blog post):
1. The walk though scarily slithery was lovely in parts (the bits when I could look up from my feet, principally) and it was good to get out and burn some calories and to see the Labs and my mum
2. Gorgeous foot rub from bf once back (and de-mudded)
3. I made a low cal healthy pork dish that bf really liked too and was really restrained and sensible with my food choices


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

It sounds like you're making some very conscientious decisions. Now that you've mentioned an omlette, I find myself wanting one (and it's 11pm!).

I eat oatmeal every day. I used to put a bit of stevia on it with a sprinkle of cinnamon and raisins. Now it's just raisins and a dash of milk. (I don't know if these items fit your plan). I did have blueberries in there recently , too, and it was delicious. Stewed apple sounds good, and maybe with cinnamon?

Thanks for asking about the walk the other day was inside our gated compound. No strays in here!

My Italian neighbour calls our compound "The Golden Cage". Sometimes it feels reassuring to be locked away behind bars!

Curlygirl said...

Don't bother about stewing an apple - just grate a Breaburn or Royal Gala into your porridge before you cook it and it cooks nicely along with the oats. A little pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg and there you go.

Hope you don't mind me popping up after such a long silence. All's well here - still pretty and plump! LL seems like another lifetime ago. In fact, it seems like it happened to someone else as it had no lasting impact on me at all. Apart from the fact that I now can't bear the smell of dried mushroom soup. Boo!

MyDiet said...

Hi again! I keep checking your blog. thanks for the inspiration!