Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Warning: rant ahead

There ought to be a road symbol for that. Perhaps a triangle with an angry face in the middle and steam coming out of the ears!

The email war continues, my brother sent my mum another stinker last night saying that unless she apologises (what for, we ask) that he will tell his daughters that their grandmother doesn't care about them. Pretty low.

Then my mum found an email from the chav-in-law. She thinks she's clever but oh dear, far from it. In it she put that she had had to ban me from her life as I'm "bitter and jealous". I have to say I'm having a red-headed fit about this. Jealous? Of what?
Her long plastic square nails?
Her tranny-slapper clothes?
Her nose job?
Her perma-orange skin?
Her fake tits (as paid for by brother 2 despite him saying no)?
Her stupidity?
Her inability to string a sentence together without a grammatical error, spelling mistake or malapropism ("you don't have to be physic to know...")?
Her sweet disposition that leads her to throw an utterly fishwife temper tantrum if anyone ever says 'no' to her?
The way she treats my mother as a nanny/au pair? Ignoring her utterly unless there's someone else to see her and expecting her to fetch, carry and dedicate her life to making the CIL's life easy and as responsibility-free as a single girl?
Her fine moral code that led to her shagging my brother when he was married (to a lovely woman)?
Her getting herself knocked up accidentally-on-purpose to trap him?
Her threatening to take his daughters away and never let him see them if he didn't marry her?
Her harsh treatment and jealousy of her 4 year old daughter?
Or perhaps the level of style that led to her coming down the aisle to a Ministry of Sound "chill-out classic"?

I so want to email her and tell her - and brother 2 - this but my mother has made me promise not to. It absolutely enrages me that they can think for an instant that there is anything about that trashy thicko that I would want for a single instant.


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Lesley said...

It's so sad when families fall out. Sorry your CIL and brother 2 are making life difficult for you. Hope it settles down soon without too much damage done.

Lesley x