Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I'm a freeeeeak, I'm a weeeeeirdooooo

Okay, I do not understand the freakeries of my freaky body. I did my WI today and I have lost 4lbs. Admittedly I was telling myself that I wanted to lose 5lbs this time (2lbs for last week, 2lbs for this week and the removal of the random 1lb I put on) but actually I'm pleased to see a definite fall on the Scales of Doom and I'll take any good news and celebrate it. Not with food, mind you. It does give me a spur onwards to keep going and keep doing the right thing. Cookies aside. And actually even then; I will have times where I eat something outrageously calorific and the trick (for me) is not to let that be the beginning of the end but just to get on with the 'right' eating as before. This has helped me with that I think. And it confirms that the porridge and fruit aren't an issue (I think... I guess I shouldn't draw too swift a conclusion). And hopefully it will help with the feelings of doom and despair next time my body throws a googlie at me (figuratively speaking - I believe this is a cricket term and I'm pretty confident that if anyone actually threw a hard ball at me, I would miss it and get socked in the face (or somewhere) with it).

Today will be a tricky day with food. I am home whilst a plumber does some work here and bf is on his way home to take the second shift. The kitchen is out of bounds so I won't be able to pack my usual careful snacks and lunch to take. This was short-sighted of me; plumber was late and I was plannig on leaving here after he'd gone but things have now changed. It's another challenge - not being railroaded by the unpredictable. I can buy a yoghurt and a salad on my way in. I think I might need something else but I'm not sure what.

I also need to start drinking more water though. On LL I used to drink an average of 5 litres a day. Now I usually drink 1-2 glasses. And 3-4 cups green tea. I don't fancy it when the weather is cold.

I can't actually come up with three things to be grateful for yesterday - I know it's awful. I didn't eat well, my commute was awful, work was exasperating (or rather, some of my colleagues were). Not good. Must do better.

Curlygirl - hello! I don't have your email any more and mine's changed too so I'll leave you a comment on your blog and do get in touch. SO nice to hear from you - would love to hear more about how you're doing. Curlygirl (and she IS gloriously curly) did LL with me all that time ago.

And thanks both for the porridge tips. I'm not keen on raisins, Debbie - or any dried fruit except dates. And they make chocolate look low-cal. I have to say I forgot to have some yoghurt with my (very disappointing hard (ready to eat, pah!)) pear. So I still need to figure out how to add a touch of protein to my evening fruit snack. I can't think of anything but yoghurt (or nuts which I do like to keep as a snack.)

Oooh, I'm hungry today and I don't know why. I had porridge and blueberries at c8.20am and 6 quails eggs at 11.20am. Confusing...


beth said...

Yeaaaahhhh! Who cares if it's freaky? It's great news!

Curlygirl said...

Well done on today's weigh in! My blog is horrendously out of date - feb '08 I think.

My email address is aine.gallagher@gmail.com. Drop me a line and I shall fill you in all me news - there have been some exciting changes in CurlyGirl's world!

Possible protein snack suggestions - tahini paste, cottage cheese, aduki beans - have a certain sweet nutty flavour but none of the fat, soya beans, silken tofu all whipped up - bland but creamy and proteiny.

Looking forward to hearing from you lovely lady!


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

4 lbs? Take that, Scales of Doom!

My scale and my body do freaky things every day...I've come to expect it.

Maybe there is some sort of vanilla soy beverage you could heat up to add to the porridge? I've seen some people on their blogs add peanut butter to oatmeal...to me that just sounds wrong! But what do I know?

FitFunk said...

Congrats on the loss! Sigh to 900 cal cookies though. I've been making an old family recipe for cookies with lots of rolled oats, which I convince myself to have filling, whole-grainy benefits...but I freeze them and account for them in my daily intake.

Love the title of the post btw!

Lesley said...


That's great news - perhaps your body has found something which works for you!!

Lesley x

Alice said...

Yay, well done!! So even with the slight gain you're on a downward trend - have you ever thought about weighing yourself less frequently? That way you might be less discouraged by any little fluctuations that happen.

Claire said...

Fantastic!!!! Good for you. It is SO nice when the body plays ball innit? xxx

Call Me Ishmael said...

Hey, good on you! And your post title brings back that old Radiohead song, "I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo, what the hell am I doing here..I don't belong here." Now I'm stuck singing that for the day, I'm sure. Glad to see the scales of doom cooperating. Stick with it.