Thursday, 11 February 2010

Normal service will now resume

So, this is - essentially - a dieting blog, right? I'll get back to writing about that today then. Although I guess that emotional upheaval does actually play all too big a part in the dieting stuff - for me, anyway. Quite how I address that long-term, I'm just not sure.

Yesterday I spent most of the day travelling to a meeting. This meant that I had breakfast (porridge and blueberries) at 7.20am and I bought a skinny cappuccino to take on to the train. I also bought a salad to take along in case they produced nasty sarnies for lunch. I got to the other end and after a wander about (in the snow!) I arrived for the meeting at 11.30am. I refused biscuits and hoped they couldn't hear my stomach growling. I finally got to eat my salad at 4pm on the train coming back to London! It was small and I left the potatoes. I got home, still starving, and ate a 3 egg omelette with LF cheese and mushrooms (made by bf so it came out beautifully and not like my own hybrid omelette/scrambled eggs) with green salad and tomatoes, some stewed rhubarb with FF yoghurt and 2 small pieces of dark chocolate. I felt very pleased that I had managed not to eat for all that time.

Then today I was STILL hungry. On top of my usual food I have eaten 9 chocolates (part of the M&S meal deal which I couldn't resist buying) and 10 mini gummy bears. It feels like a betrayal - of myself. Why couldn't I prolong yesterday's good behaviour longer than a day? Especially knowing the opportunities to eat non-diet food that are ahead of me. Salad for dinner then....

Yesterday morning, Scales of Doom had said I'd lost 1lb - not fantastic but not disasterous - I reminded myself that next week might be a disappointment.

Three things to feel grateful for yesterday:
1. The managing not to eat for so long - despite feeling really quite odd by the time I did get to. I felt kind of empowered. Which brings us to....
2. My mum has suddenly got all empowered herself and has stopped feeling miserable (although I bet she still is), has got mad and is kicking ass - go her!
3. The re-emergence of Naughty R - we kind of lost touch for a few months and it's so nice to have her back with her own brand of pithy wisdom (this is not a girl for soft-soaping, she calls it like she sees it and it always makes me laugh!)

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MyDiet said...

Oh no, the gummies are always so tempting! Hooray for you for staying strong while travelling around :)