Monday, 25 February 2008

IPD day 5

Still fed up. With work basically. I need to get motivated to find a new job but feel too dragged down and miserable to actually do anything about it. My wise friend V said I should see the loss of my best subject as less work and more time to look for other jobs. I have seen one but I'd have to get the application in tomorrow which seems unlikely.

Miraculously I have not resorted to sugar yet though. 65.5 days to go until that habit's kicked Willowy R! Hmmmm. STILL not heard back from Marissa Peer - despite emailing again sounding, frankly, desparate.

I had a quiet time on duty (phew) and so the flat is (mostly) clean - well, I gave up after doing the kitchen and bathrooms but that's where it shows, right? And I did some cooking which was fun. All IPD stuff of course but I made roasted butternut squash, parmesan and bacon soup, a celeriac hash pie (not drugs, corned beef), roasted ratatouille and French sausages (cook, slit along the length, stuff with gruyere, wrap in a sheet of parma ham and stick back in the oven for 15 mins) and breakfast "muffins" (more like a baked egg thing with cheese and sausage). All delicious. B/f was especially impressed with the soup as he had thought it sounded dull but it was incredible. I couldn't eat it all! I'm bringing the remains in for lunch tomorrow (had remains of roasted ratatouille with mozzerella ball for lunch today).

So, the menu for the weekend:
Friday eve - tarragon chicken, cauliflower mash (sooo much nicer than it sounds) and mange touts
B - scrambled egg and bacon
L - avocado stuffed with dressed crab
D - French sausages and roasted ratatouille
B - scrambled egg, bacon and mushrooms
L - roasted butternut squash soup
D - Celeriac hash pie and savoy cabbage

But I think I ate a few too many nuts yesterday. I had lost 2lbs when I weighed on Sunday am and put 1lb on when I weighed today. We're only supposed to weigh once a week but it's a hard habit to break (not as hard as sugar though) - I usually weigh myself every other day. Hope it's not going to go in the wrong direction though. I did do a brisk 2.5 mile walk on Sunday - not impressive but given that I only had half a day, not too bad.

And it's D-day - 4 until The First Run (HA HA). Yes, this Friday. Gulp.

Finally, N&F (the newly affianced) are no longer coming for dinner on Saturday. We wriggled out of it as we'd not realised it's Mothers' Day the following day and we have to fit in a visit to both mothers. So I can remain IPD pure for the allotted magic fortnight.


Lesley said...

Mmmmmm that menu sounds great....why don't you start a B&B or cafe or something!!? I'd move in if you fed me like that!

Then I could drag you out on'd be the perfect dieters' symbiosis!

Keep on keeping away from the sugar. It must be doing you good as you sound perkier already!

Lesley x

Mrs said...

Blimey, Peridot. What sort of diet is that?!?!?!?!

It sounds so much more you; I think I've been kidding myself all these years that I am a foodie (in the gourmet sense) because I really am not. I could never be bothered to create such taste sensations. Anyway, well done!!

The sugar is your bete noire so if you can avoid it without all the feelings of deprivation, then that's a v.good thing. Right? Well done Again. Bl**dy well done! And it seems as if IPD is bring you and B/F together, which is also a v.good thing, methinks.

Totally understand about the job thing - I'll email you some stuff!!!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lesley said...

Hi Peridot - how're you getting on?? Hope the lure of delicious food is not driving you away from the straight and narrow. I need news.....(and menu's..!)...drool...

Lesley xx