Thursday, 21 February 2008

IPD day 1

Yes, I've started. I've done it to save me from myself. I weighed myself yesterday and had put on 2lbs. In less than 2 days. I thought I had better end the sugar opportunities asap.

It went against the grain not to have prepared to the nth degree but it seemed like the only solution. I got up in time both to walk in (only c2.5 miles along the river but it's something and IPD say try and walk 10 mins at first - this was 45 mins so hurrah for me) and stop at the mini M&S (a slight detour). I had planned to buy a scotch egg for breakfast, a salad nicoise or similar for lunch and some nuts and a piece of cheese for munching. Well, best laid plans and all that. M&S had practically NOTHING that was carb free. And I thought it was going to be easy! As it was, it was just as well I couldn't get a scotch egg as it's only homemade ones we can have apparently. So I bought a chicken and bacon caesar salad for lunch (can chuck the croutons away) and a mini mozzerella and sundried tomato one to go with it and some walnuts. No cheese. Nothing for breakfast. So I ended up eating the mozzerella salad for breakfast. Then, because I was having a horrible, horrible day I ate ALL the nuts (105g of them!).

I went to Sainsbury's at lunchtime to have another go at permitted snacks - marmite babybels is what I was hoping for. I had read about these on the pig2twig forum and I'm a big marmite fan. But Sainsbury's had nothing either! Well, I bought some cheddar babybels and a little packet of salted peanuts. I've eaten the nuts and 2 babybels. I must be better prepared for tomorrow. Waitrose after work I think and snacks brought in in strict portions.

But I've had a really rotten day (the only decent thing left about my job is about to change) and I haven't eaten chocolate/sweets. Obviously I really wanted to. And equally obviously I've eaten too many nuts but it's some sort of progress. Not enough. But then I'm feeling very glum.

And, whilst we're on glum. Mrs L's hypnotherapist is £270! It's only one session but that's really scary. Especially being so broke. But I really want the help not to have to fight this battle of willpower whilst also feeling so down and fed up. I know they're linked but it doesn't help.

I'll take my self pity party somewhere else. To Waitrose I guess.


Mrs said...

Oh Peridot

I feel for you, I really do! The job, the cash BUT just think you could lose weight eating all that food!!!! Blimey, oh Riley!!!

I've had a carb-tastic week and boy, can I feel it. And, yes, sadly, they are totally addictive. : (

MY hypnotherapist is not mine per se - just for the record. BUT he gets amazing results and likes you to go once and once only. I think you'll find you could knock off a few things in one session.

Alternatively, you could go the CBT route...or the OA route, which is totally free!!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx

Lesley said...

Ooooh - it's a bugger trying to be good when you don;t have the time to be organised. I was like that last week and really struggled. Packs are much easier from that standpoint!!

Can you send me the details of the hynotherapist?? I'm beginning to wonder whether my one bad experience should put me off...

Good luck with IPD - it sounds lush.

Lesley x