Friday, 22 February 2008

IPD day 2

Well it's been a stinker of a day. Work is not great at the best of times - I wouldn't say morale was rock bottom as every time I think that, it gets worse. But it's not a very nice place to be (unless you're part of the charmed clique). But what made up for all the wretched politics was that the subject areas I cover are really interesting - and one in particular takes up most of my time, not least as I really enjoy it, understand it well and find it interesting. So of course, we've had a reshuffle and that's been taken away from me. I've picked up a few dull areas instead. And there's loads of cakes and chocolates 2 feet away from me and I sooooo want to dull my misery in sugar. Why is it that when you're doing something hard (ie giving up sugar) circumstance conspire to make it as bloody difficult as possible? Don't worry, rhetorical question. So, I'll have to re-double my efforts to find a new job - the problem is that I don't really have the confidence to do this. Another vicious circle.

So, I went to Waitrose last night and got some marked down scallops with chilli butter which I had with sauteed leeks and mangetouts. It was delicious. Today I had 2 cold sausages for breakfast (basically discovered I don't like supermarket sausages, not even Waitrose - viva La Ginger Pig at Borough Market!), a portion controlled snack of toasted, flaked almonds mid morning (bought a weeny clippit box to stop me eating whole bags of nuts at once), smoked salmon pate with crudites (cucumber, celery and chicory) for lunch, 2 mini babybels this afternoon and tonight I will have tarragon cream chicken with mange touts and cauliflower mash. I'm not convinced about cauliflower mash but it is raved about on pig2twig so I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Willowy R says that it takes 70 days to form new habits. So I have just over 68 days to go before sugar has no hold on me.

HOWEVER, saw a comment (on Lesley's blog) that Marissa Peer - hypnotist of Supersize vs Superskinny fame - costs £200 a session. If she's also a one session hypno (which it looked like on S vs S) she would be cheaper than the hypno that Mrs L had heard tell of. But she's not got back to my email. Sigh. I need help and I need it NOW.

So, a weekend of work. I'm on duty midday Saturday to midday Sunday. Dreary though this is, (especially given my downer on work at the moment) if it's quiet it will give me the chance to clean the flat and do some cooking. Ready to be back at work on Monday!

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Lesley said...

I must say I was v excited about the Marisa comment from beth but haven't emailed yet. Will do so!

Good luck and all that delicious IPD food sounds lush. Keep up the good work and avoid that treat table!

Lesley x