Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Three. It's a magic number.

Three comments! I think it's a record! I am soooo grateful for all the advice (and big hi to Curlygurl who is a LL chum (and whose hair I envy more than is strictly healthy)). And now I'll ignore that advice three times over!

That was a joke! No, it was.

I think you're all absolutely right that if I leave too long a gap between CD and IPD it leaves too much opportunity for naughtiness (know thyself). Sugary naughtiness no doubt (ditto). So, I'm starting on Friday! I need to be a bit prepared so can't manage today or tomorrow. And the good news is that I don't feel that I have to eat everything I may conceivably fancy in the next 6 months in the next couple of days - like I did when I took a month off from CD over Christmas (and, let's not forget, put on over a stone in the process) - because I don't feel the same level of deprivation. I know I will find it hard to give up sugar (sugar which I shouldn't be having in any case) but I also know that it has to be done - for my health and for my sanity. I've not given up on hypnosis for this either - more of that later. But I can still have food and that feels amazing!

I did have sushi yesterday, bearing in mind that I wouldn't be having it again for the foreseeable future and it wasn't all I thought it would be. It was less delicious than I'd thought. I can do without it. Odd. I'd built it up to be so tasty and - it was fine, but not worth the mental agony.

BUT oh my 3 wise monkeys, I WILL be having pudding on 1st March. It would look odd if I didn't serve it (we always do 4 courses including cheese so I can't even offer cheese as an alternative) but I've found the best damage limitation possible so although I'll have pudding (a small one) and probably 2-3 glasses of wine, I'm prepared to stay on phase 1 longer to compensate. And everything else will be IPD sanctioned food. And it's worth it to get cracking now - as we all agree.

So on to hypnosis. DID YOU SEE SUPERSIZE VS SUPERSKINNY LAST NIGHT? I knew they had their tester testing hypnosis so made sure I watched it. Even though I was at my mother's and she insisted on watching a programme on bears so I had to watch it in another room. She wants a bear. Let's not even go there. ANYWAY, the journo (as I assume she was - and incidentally she bears a startling resemblance to Naughty R from LL and CD fame) was very skeptical about hypnosis. But it worked! I'm almost hyperventilating with excitement as I type this. Wonderful Mrs came through with her recommendation so I've contacted him and the woman from the programme last night (who will almost certainly be too expensive since she also did Celebrity Diet thingy programme (you can tell I didn't watch it)) to explore further. I am clearly susceptible and I could do with the help.

More and more I think I have a serious problem with sugar. I ate too much yesterday - was determined not to then came in to be told I had to go to a hardcore meeting on my own (no line manager) and immediately troughed down - and then had sugar withdrawal shakes at c7pm and couldn't sleep again for what I will term sugar-wiredness (yep, I made that up. So bite me (actually don't for your own sake, my blood is probably 65% sugar)).


Mrs said...

Is this the woman????

Well done for getting stuck in!!!!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxx

Lesley said...

That's cool - I think any "cheat" is okay as long as it's planned and you stick to your rules. Then it's not eating out of control but just going off plan for a brief spell.

I did see the Hypnotist section (purely by chance as i didn't see much of the rest of the programme being stuck to the football!). I was well impressed and want to see how the journo does over coming weeks. She seemed as though she was bigging up her "problem" to me though!

I'd love to be able to just walk away from food like that.....the chap I went to see just didn't seem to have any charisma and certainly didn't concentrate on minimising portions. He literally just regurgitated Paul McKenna's book!!

All the best and I agree, you do have to be organised when you start a new regime as the first few days are the important ones to get into a routine.

Lesley x

beth said...

I know the feeling of wanting to get started already, so I'd be irritated with me just for saying this, but... My one question about starting IPD and having a pudding is that I, too, read the book (several times, in fact, and debated trying it myself), and they seem to say repeatedly that any tiny cheat will seriously derail you in the first two weeks, and that the induction phase gets less effective when you have to repeat it. Would that frustrate you? I _totally_ understand the whole last chance eating thing, but is there perhaps some sort of plan you could come up with for yourself to get through until March 1? Perhaps you could try giving up diet Coke (if you're a drinker of it) or doing a couple of things that will make IPD easier come March 2?? Is there anything that wouldn't make you feel miserable to do but would make you feel like you were making enough progress not to want to eat loads of things you shouldn't? Just a thought. Good luck with it!