Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Packed out

I think packs and I have come to the end of the line. Maybe temporarily, not sure. I cannot bear the thought of one more. And this is causing me problems. I've had a few planned meals in the last month and that has stopped me seeing any losses on the scales which has then tipped me into the sugary slough of despond. Can you see the vicious circle forming? I was planning on going on India and Neris' Idiot Proof Diet (IPD) from this weekend when all my packs were used up but I seem to have suddenly reached screaming point. Not sure whether to start the IPD now or eat healthily until the weekend (and enjoy a few soon to be verboten carbs before then). Hmmm.

I'm grateful to VLCDs though. I have lost 4st5lbs from May last year. I doubt I could have done that any other way - other than going into a coma, having my jaws wired etc. And if IPD (plus the running! HA HA! Running! Me! Absurd!) doesn't work for me then I'll have to come back to pack hell for more short sharp shock therapy.

Mrs was asking about IPD. I read first the cookbook and then the actual diet book with voracious interest (it's a cracking read - I recommend it). Basically IPD is a sensible, healthy version of Atkins, South Beach etc. I think it will suit me because I am clearly a sugar addict. I have a real problem with sugar. I went nuts on it yesterday (no real nuts involved) and couldn't sleep again last night. It wires me which although I like the feeling, I'm not so keen the following day after a lack of sleep and in sugar withdrawal. IPD says no sugar - no sweet stuff, no fruit (in phase 1), very few carbs (which are of course another form of sugar). You can have nuts in moderation and cream in moderation and sugar free jelly after a week (very excited about jelly but trying not to focus or obsess).

Moderation seems to be key- this would be a useful lesson for me to learn. And also, I can cook again! I can eat with b/f! After 2 weeks I can have certain alcohol, in - you guessed it - moderation. I think I can do moderation IF it's not about sugar. And there is a forum - so you get that group support thing which I've found helpful from Minimins, not least so I can ask all the stupid obscure questions that suddenly pop into my head. And it's easy to eat out - as long as you don't go for sushi, pasta or pizza. I'm sure some people find that constricting and certainly some people on the forum feel rather hard done by having to moderate their diets BUT having been on packs it will be a joy for me! An advantage of being on a lower level of deprivation is that it will seem almost insanely liberating!

I spent Friday night making lists of meals from the cookbook and things I could think of converting. I do love a good list. There's enough there to keep me going for a month or more! It's all very exciting! Although I'm hoping my team don't press ahead with their plans for our next team lunch to be dim sum over Easter. Dim sum is my absolute favourite food but is clearly NOT a carb free option.

The only snag is that for the 1st 2 weeks you have to be very strict. I have a dinner party on 1 March. But I really don't want to wait until after that. And apart from wine and pudding I can do a completely IPD-compliant meal that's yummy. What do you think? Start now, have a small blip on 1st and get back to it? Or do a half-hearted version now and start hardcore on 2nd March? I did post on the IPD forum on this (www.pig2twig.co.uk) and got a very severe reprimand about my state of mind. Ouch. Still, it's not going to put me off the diet! It's not 'if' but 'when'. Grateful for your opinions on timings please.


Curlygirl said...

Go for it! Don't drink or have desert on the 1st. I don't think it is worth doing a half hearted effort til the 2nd because if it were me, I would use this as a license for quite a few bad choices.

I'm starting with the Food Doctor tomorrow. So goddamned happy to be eating food and being in control again.

Good luck lovely Peridot.

Lesley said...

When it's time, it's time. Sounds like LL and CD have done their job and now it's time for you to take the next steps. 4 stone 5lbs is a great result though....you must feel like a different woman.

I tend to agree with Curlygirl though - if it was me, that couple of weeks "break" would be an excuse to go mad. IIdeally, I would recommend that you really go for your new diet so there is no gap between them, no "time off for good behaviour".

Sorry if that sounds harsh but you're not finishing your diet, just changing the route.

IPD sounds good...I'll be watching your progress to see how you do....might be one for me to follow long term (maintenance type thing).

All the best and enjoy the food (just don't go mad!).

(((((((((big hug)))))))))

Lesley x

Mrs said...

Lovely Peridot

As I am learning to my cost, it's never the right time. There will always be a time, some way off, that will be better. But guess what? That time never arrives because you will rationalise it (well, you will if you are anything like me, and I think you are!) away and find reasons why you can't start now.

Do you know what? Start soon. Don't make it all or nothing. Just bring in what you can now - like the no booze (for now), the no dessert (as curlygirl has said). And then, maybe, just maybe, it wont' seem so extreme that you HAVE to rebel, if that makes sense?!

All fairness to India and chum...they got a shed load of coverage for that book!! : )

With love

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx