Monday, 3 March 2008

IPD 12 - Time is elastic

Well, being a Londoner (if a wannabe country girl) I know that the minutes they show on tube indicators are random - a minute there can be a minute but is more likely to be 3 mins +. But seemingly it applies to running (at least for the terminally unfit) too. Friday was day 1 in the new running regime - it's running for people who can't, don't and won't run (Running Made Easy) and it says that in 10 weeks you will be able to run 5k. I have no idea how far that is incidentally, probably to the bus stop! So week 1 you run for 1 min, walk for 3 mins for a total of 16 mins, 3 times in a week. Min 1 was okay but then we had a deterioration. I made it though and was very pleased with myself (and then proceeded to walk a further 5 miles during the day). But run 2 on Sunday was really tough. We were going faster - not intentionally - and because I am the world's worst person with numbers I made us run an extra minute, but I came back really dispirited and was really worrying whether I'd cope with next week - which I thought was 2 mins running. So I cheered right up when I found out that it's actually 1 min running, 2 mins walking for 18 mins. I'm sure it will still be hard (for a wuss like me) but better than 2 mins running at a time which seems unattainable (I think that's week 6). I have very achy inner thighs and under my (large) ass - I sincerely hope that that means these areas are shrinking. I walked in today too.

Diet is going well in that I am sticking to it and have not given in to sugar yet (58 days to go until I've broken the habit, R). Menu from the weekend for Lesley:
B - handful macadamias, 2 slices of parma ham and 6 quails eggs with celery salt
L - Hamburger Union: protein burger (ie burger wrapped in lettuce leaf) with bacon and montery jack
D - Selfridges ready made curry: chicken korma and baby aubergine curry. Quite odd without nan or rice but a small price to pay.
Snack - Nobby's chilli and lime almonds

B - Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon
L - Avocado stuffed with crab mayonnaise
D - Steak, massive mushroom stuffed with leeks, blue cheese and a dash of cream and green salad
Snack - Nobby's chilli and lime almonds

B - Scrambled eggs and sausage
L - Gingered courgette soup
D - Faux cottage pie (with a topping of mashed cauliflower, cheese, sour cream and bacon) with buttered savoy cabbage
Snacks - marmite cheese and macadamias

And I have an appointment with Marissa Peer! Not until early May though so I have only to hold off sugar until then and I will be cured! Elegant E is going to give me some money towards it in lieu of a birthday present. My lovely friend Willowy R had also offered this and my knee-jerk reaction was to say no, it was too much. But I'd thought about it and so when E offered I had a more reasoned unpanicky response. It's something that will hopefully be more useful and more life changing (in a positive way folks) than any lovely frippery E can buy me (and I love frippery). And since we've been friends for 14 years she's probably relieved not to have to think of anything either.

Feel quite down today though. It's the anniversary of the death of my most beloved grandmother (2 years ago) and her birthday's coming up on Saturday. I guess I should be over it by now and most of the time I'm fine but I guess these anniversary dates are going to be hard for a while yet. So sorry for the unperky entry. Hope everyone is well and happy.


Mrs said...

Hey hey hey, lovely Peridot

What food adventures you are having!!! I am amazed!

And well done on the running. You've made a start! Very impressive.

Apologies for your loss; yes, sadly, those anniversaries are tough but they do get easier. Honest.

And I will be FASCINATED by your encounter with Marisa. I want to hear all about the book.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lesley said...

Great to hear from you. when there's a gap near the star of a new vernture I'm afraid it is often bad news so I'm so pleased to see taht you're doing really well. the food sounds fab you lucky girl!!

Well done on the running too! You'll be shocked at how quickly you come on, the trick is to keep at it.

And... (there's so much going on in your life!!) congrats on old Marisa coming through. I'm now v v tempted. Let me know what you think about the book!

(((((big hug)))))

Lesley x