Thursday, 27 March 2008

Day 36 - wobble

The wobble is my Easter, not me. Well, having said that.....

I put on 3lbs over Easter. I'd battle to lose that in a week but put it on in a weekend. Life is very cruel. And carbs are crueller. All I had was a piece of roasted potato (probably half a whole potato), some of b/f's Easter eggs (yum but very bad), 3 pieces of my mother's excellent zingy lemon meringue pie, 4 biscuits and 2 cheese scones (not all at once I hasten to add). Now I ask you, does that sound like 3lbs? I suppose it's the great mystery of ketosis - in which case I fervently hope the weight melts away as swiftly as it came.

Fervently, yes. Except today I ate a very small square of homemade brownie, one of blondie and a chocolate finger (pointless and not enjoyable - the finger, that is, the brownie and blondie were excellent). This is not going to get me back on track. And I'm back in my utterly illogical and soul-destroying vicious circle - haven't lost weight, feel depressed, eat, thefore won't lose weight etc etc. I'm breaking out of this circle right now. I want a virtuous circle, not a vicious one - one that purrs at me, not growls.

On a more angelic note, I am still going with the running (slightly outraged that such endeavours haven't literally melted the fat away). We even ran in snow - rather alot of it coming down (not settling of course, except on me) and we have done a couple of good walks too. My thighs and arse ache in a way that makes me hope they are diminishing. Soon I may be able to run without looking as if my arse should be wearing a sports bra of its own to rein it in!

Tomorrow is the last run of week 4 (forecast to be in rain). Only another week until the dreaded 2 mins running, 2 walking - 1 min is hard enough, sufficiently hard that I can't believe another week, upping the circuits, will be enough to prepare me for this. Trying hard not to think about it though - worrying ahead is a particular speciality of mine (I'm 37 and already anxious almost to the point of illness about how I'll cope in old age - absurd!). I need to take it a day at a time. So tomorrow will be an exemplary IPD day, starting with a run. Those of a tender disposition have been warned to stay away from Docklands parks...


A & N said...

Well done with your running P! Just a thought though; the running may be firming you up (i.e. bottom/thighs etc) without the concurrent weightloss. It just means that you are toning up; Fat to muscle (which cruelly weighs more).
My week 4 WI was *crap* this week. I lost 2 lbs. 2 lbs.....and my counsellor had the stupidity to blame it on the FULL MOON! Great; mysticism over science...what a great belief system. That means that despite having missed a pack this week AND not cheating at ALL over easter, I have only lost 2 measly lbs. The humanity!

Kepp up the good work :)

Amy xxxx

Peridot said...

Hi Amy

As you may have seen, when I was on LL and put on 0.5lb my LLC said it was all due to the power of my mind (or powerlessness I'd guess)! Utter boloney! Don't sweat the 2lbs - you have dips sometimes and then weeks which compensate, it all evens out. I was an incredibly slow loser and still lost just over 3st on the 100 days. Don't skip packs though - that may be part of the problem as your body gets panicky and clings on to the calories it does get. Wow, the science behind that explanation must be just blowing your mind!

Peridot x