Monday, 31 March 2008

Day 40 - the path of righteousness

It's ironic really because IPD is all about pink - on the forum they refer to "the pink book", "the pink path" etc etc - and I HATE pink. Partly possibly because I'm a redhead and no redheads look good in pink, no matter WHAT Molly Ringwald/Psychadelic Furs think, and partly because I find the girliness and ubiquity of pink nauseating.

But, irrespective of this, I have stuck to that pink path since brownie/blondie-gate on Thursday. Okay, that's only 3 days (well, 4 if you count today) but the longest journey starts with a single step (to be said piously). Well, I SAY I've been good but my (supposedly legit) G&T yesterday had - unbeknownst to me - fat tonic in it. A glass of fat tonic is my complete daily allocation of carbs. B/f had gone to Sainsbury's rather than Tesco and bought the wrong stuff. Sigh. So annoying - if I were to blow it I'd rather do it with a chocolate bar, thanks, and enjoy it. I'm trying hard not to count this though as it really wasn't my fault. Doubt my body and its stubborn fatcells will be understanding though. I'm still 3lbs up on what I was before Easter. As in 3lbs lardier, not up on the lottery of life and fat.

We did the first run of week 5 on Sunday. From the start of week 2 up til now we've been building up time on 1 min run, 2 mins walk and are up to 27 mins. But from next week it will be 2 mins run, 2 mins walk and I'm very worried that I won't be able to do it. Although we did end up doing an extra circuit of 3 mins on Sunday (making it 30 mins) as we were arguing and it stopped me being able to concentrate on timings. Damnit, a whole extra minute's run! It's b/f's fault obviously and he was pretty blase about finding it easy anyway - grrrr. The last 3-4 runs have been more than usually draining but I think it's because I have TOTM coming up tomorrow and it must make me tired in advance. That's my theory anyway, we'll know if it's true if b/f is eating my dust next week! Place your bets, ladies and gents....


Mrs said...

Hey! Good for you, Peridot because do you know what? You're keeping on keeping on!!!

V.good! I like redheads in pink but then I think pink and red (pillarbox red) go together too!

Maybe you need to discover your inner pink?!?!?!?!?

Anyway, am so impressed with your running. That is AWESOME. And as for all your carbs in a glass of tonic - blimey!!!!!!

Stay positive. It will happen!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

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