Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Aaaand breathe. No, really, breathe.

We did the final 'run' of week one this morning. That was some achievement as b/f was out drinking last night, got home at 11.30pm (having phoned me twice just to make sure I couldn't get any sleep), very chatty and got to bed at 12.20am. Then snored like a warthog. He, irritatingly enough, fell instantly to sleep whilst I lay awake. Then we got up at 6am to go 'running'. It was freezing. But we had thought the park next to our flat wouldn't be open (it's not supposed to be open until 7am) and it was! Bonus! And the 'run' was fine - much better than run#2.

So week one, tick! Probably week two's runs will commence on Sunday. It had been scheduled for the morning but my mother has taken on too much with dogsitting her friend's Labrador and she won't be able to manage to take 3 for a walk. It's annoying that she clearly thought I'd drop everything and help her (she lives 45 mins to an hour away). We're going out to dinner with her Saturday night as it would have been my Grandmother's birthday but I didn't want to stay over again (I'm there Friday night) - no lie in and makes it inconvenient with the running and she huffily said "I'll just have to manage". Feel manoevered into this and sulky and resentful as a result.

Talking of being manoevred, our newly affianced friends have set a date - the day before the weekend b/f's parents have bought us for b/f's birthday, so inconvenient. And in Sorrento. So financially problematic too. I can't see we can go but there's certainly emotional pressure being applied "oh it wouldn't be the same without you", "at least it's not in Oz" etc etc. Going to look into whether we could do it in a day but it's not very satisfactory.

Last couple of day's menus:

B - rhubarb (stewed with a little splenda) and mascarpone
L - odds and sods: 2 small slices of smoked salmon with lemon and black pepper and 2 bulbs of chicory with soft blue cheese
D - tarragon chicken and cauli-mash (with new potato ricer - very satisfying to use!).
Snacks - pack chorizo, few flaked almonds

B - faux bacon and sundried tomato muffins (basically baked eggs with stuff in)
L - courgette soup, green salad, marmite cheese
D - Wagamama soup without noodles in
Snacks - nuts

Seeing my LL buddy A tonight. We're going to walk along the Thames path, stopping off at Wagamama for dinner. Really looking forward to seeing her (incidentally she has the most incredible and envy-making hair) and she's on Food Doctor now so will be interested in finding out about that too.


Lesley said...

Kudos on the eating and running. Are you seeing any results or is just not gaining a result in itself???

Keep it up whatever as it sounds fantastic and getting the boyf out running is a major achievement. I certainly couldn't manage that with D!

Lesley x

Mrs said...

Blimey, Peridot! What an amazing turnaround!

Be super proud of yourself!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxx