Thursday, 29 January 2009

Ups and downs

Yesterday I was at home so yesterday was a good day food-wise. I didn't run because I try and run Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri and allow myself a day off in the middle, but despite having lots of chores to do, it was easier to stick to the plan because there was no smack table groaning under food calling to me in their sugary siren voices.

I have to say all the DC food I've had has been very nice - I've had three types of granola for breakfasts (treacle and pecan, pink apple and cinnamon and chocolate) all with 0% Total Greek Yoghurt (3tbsp) as I don't like milk, soups (roast tomato and pesto, red pepper and goats cheese, chicken and lemon thyme and honeyed parsnip) and only one evening meal so far (beef in black porter) and the nairn biscuits or nakd bars as snacks (1 a day). It's great training about portion sizes - the granola looks minute but actually does last you until lunch.

This morning I upped the running (good) but had 4 chocolates from a colleague's box (bad). My coat now fits me again (good) but my skirts still don't (bad). I lost 2lbs this week - not great given that I was mostly on LL packs and that it's realistically a 10 day loss but at least the scales are going down.

No creme egg for me tomorrow as a result of the fondant fancy abuse on Tuesday - it was to have been my weekly chocolate snack of choice (forgoing the c100 cal designated snack - so an extra 47cals). I'll have to do better next week and really earn that egg. Although it's my last week here next week which means me doing a smack table (homemade triple lemon cake and chocolate cake) and a leaving lunch (which I think I can do sensibly). Still, the cake means no egg again I fear! It makes me eggstremely wistful....


Lesley said...

I like the concept of the "smack" table! Very droll....

I hope the next job does not have so many temptations for you. I thought of you when I got to the bit in Beck about asking colleagues to move snacks or gfiving them all an opaque jar for their desks!! Yeah, in the parallel universe that might work!

I've gone round covertly and put plain bright pink postits on all 3 biscuit tins to act as a reminder not to open them. No-one else knows what they signify but they seem to be doing the trick so far.

Good luck with DC chuck and well done on the running.

Lesley x

Mrs said...

Very glad you are enjoying DC.

Is it 'real' food? I'm a bit confused. Is it food you cook? Or is it like ready meals?

The fact that you kept running this week is v.v.v.good!

More DC details....please!

Have a better weekend and you are on the home stretch with your job!


Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxx