Monday, 2 February 2009

The more it snows (tiddly pom), the more it goes (tiddly pom), the more it goes on snowing. And no-body knows (tiddly pom), how cold my toes...

(tiddly pom) how cold my toes (tiddly pom) are growing.

Well I struggled in in the snow today to find the office almost empty (my useless boss said he wasn't going to even try to get in and no-one senior has bothered either). Now I'm rather anxious about getting home. And it's cold in here and the roof is leaking and so the carpet smells. Even the mice aren't here - probably wisely snuggled up in their homes. I am not staying the night here. No way! Even if I have to walk the c8 miles home.

There is something about battling in through snow(or, let's face it, anytime the temperature dips below ooooh, about 5 degrees) that makes me feel downright ENTITLED to hot chocolate - you know, with marshmallows and whipped cream. But actually tea is just as hot and calorie free. Sigh. I'm feeling a bit martyered (sp) . But I recognise that it's just another in my litany of excuses why I should shovel sugar and calories down my greedy gullet.

I read the whole of Beth's blog at the weekend ( - if you haven't read it, it's a great read from someone who appears to be winning the daily battle and despite some provocation from life's general spanners in the works.

And I went for a run at 6.15am this morning (on the treadmill). And am still reading my two CBT books. So some positive stuff to help me keep focussed on the path of righteousness.

Still enjoying the DC packs - just had a very satisfyingly meaty beef and tomato soup for lunch. All the packs I've had have been very good - and I'm very fussy about meat. The portions are small but I guess this is what I need to re-hardwire my brain to.

DC info for Mrs - all the CD packs are in pouches which you can microwave or heat conventionally and don't need to be refrigerated. Despite this inauspicious packaging, they taste very good and of good quality. Breakfast is granola (weeny bags) in chocolate, treacle and pecan, pink apple and cinnamon or plain to have with skimmed milk or low fat yoghurt (I have that 0% fat and sugar Total greek yoghurt), lunch is soup (chorizo and bean was probably my favourite but the chicken and thyme was very good too as was honeyed parsnip) then a snack of nairns flavoured biscuits or dried fruit and nut bars (Nakd) and mostly stew type things for dinner. I've not had anything I don't like so far. And you can add in 2 portions of fruit and veg with your evening meal (ideally at the lower carb end of the spectrum although this diet goes with low GI rather than low carb - so salad, leeks, cabbage, asparagus, mange touts, courgettes etc (and I love veg luckily)) and this should make it around 1200 calories. As of this weekend I've also added in a square of dark chocolate (Lindt with raspberries - lowest GI I can deal with as my preference is for very milky chocolate) to try and stop me obsessing and then overeating chocolate/sweet stuff. I've broken it up into squares and wrapped each one and piled them in the fridge (there are 10 in total). I've told myself that if I succumb to 2 (or more!) then this experiment has to stop. Last night I really wanted a second square but gritted my teeth and found that the (almost overwhelming) urge passed in about 10mins.

Even though there's only about 8 of us in today, there are about 15 kitkats on the smack table. Arghhhhh! If I get stuck here tonight I may well eat them all. (Actually food goes v quickly here so that may not be a dinner option after all and nothing else is open so I may have to fight the mice for any scraps I can find). I can't trust myself to take the sage advice of keeping a mars bar in case of emergencies/getting stuck in the snow as I suspect I'd kid myself that the definition of emergency could be very, very loose! I'm demanding a St Bernard to take me home instead.


Lesley said...

Hope you made it home in good time. I got in fine but the snow was coming down hard and I kept getting texts and calls from my Valley pals telling me to leg it so I took their advice around 2ish and drove home with only a small amount of white knuckling.

You sound very positive about the food thing today....that is a serous sucess about not eating the second square of chocolate - I know ow much chocolate calls to you! Hope you gave yourself a massive pat on the back?! It should make it easier to resist next time too...try and remember that you've done it once and can do it again...

Keep it up and, seriously, "good, jaaarb" on the running at 6.15am!!!

Mrs said...

Yes, I hope you got home safely, too.

I would say you demonstrating heroic behaviour on all fronts right now!!!

Well done, massive positive strokes.

Reward yourself with something pampering!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lard xxxxxxxx