Thursday, 12 February 2009

Fat chance

I saw my metabolic/obesity specialist yesterday. I've been feeling pretty desparate about the slow or non-existent results I'm getting and wondering with some anxiety how my life will be long term. The upshot is that there's very little he can do for me. He said I had 4 options, none ideal he confessed:
1) Go back on Reductil, an appetite supressent (GP wouldn't prescribe but he could work round that)
2) Try a medicine that's only used for diabetics so far that you have to inject twice a day
3) Have a stomach reduction op
4) Wait for more drugs to come on to the market
My issue is less about hunger (although that's very real) and more about metabolism, sadly. His only solution is to reduce my hunger levels so that I only want c800 calories a day and hope that this will reduce my weight. I've gone for options 1 and 4 for now - I feel that's the least harmful way until I can ascertain whether that helps or not and before I consider more drastic options. I'm not keen on the op as it would basically guarantee I couldn't live anything approaching a normal life. But I've not found Reductil that great in the past - will have to monitor to see if it really does kill hunger. Of course, it's not just the issue of stopping hunger but also of resisting the impulse to snack (especially on sugary stuff) which has nothing to do with being hungry.

I tried to discuss this with bf last night but a combination of me being over-sensitive and him being unempathetic led to a huge row. I just can't look to him to go over nuances with me or be supportive on an emotional level (he's more practical) and I was foolish to try. We did make it up but it wasn't nice and meant I didn't get to sleep until gone 1am - but still got up to run this morning at 6am.

I've slightly altered my running programme to include one run a week where I go faster for shorter time (overall it's still 40 mins but I run fast for 2 mins and walk for 2 mins) in an effort to shock my body into ditching more fat. I found it really tough but it burnt even less calories than my usual programme which is disappointing. I just hope that it has a long term effect that I'm not aware of and can't measure.

I was also disprortionately panicky when I found out that the granola I have for breakfast has more calories (by c50) than I was aware - well, there seems to be conflicting information on this. I've been adding up calories each night and it meant that I was over 1200 last night. They really should be more careful.


Lesley said...

I remember from when you started LL how you didn't drop the big lbs that many people do and it's always been a struggle hasn't it? Sorry to thear that your options are mostly drug related.

Also sorry to hear about row - I know how nasty and destructive those late night sessions can be. Hence why I'm trying to do it differently this time.

I'm depressingly free of suggestions but I've got loads of sympathy and I'm sending a big hug your way right now. I really hope you get there.

And well done on the running - stellar performance!!!

Lesley xx

Mrs said...

Sending you the biggest virtual hug.

I hope your first week at the new job has been a good thing and that your new colleagues are friendly!!!

Have a lovely weekend. Be super kind to YOU!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx

Lesley said...

Love your Elizabeth Bennett comment about Minty. I'm going to on the lookout for a hunky (rich) Mr Darcy dog for her now....a handsome black lab perhaps??!

Lesley x