Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Smack my cakes up

I didn't have to sleep in the office with the mice yesterday - which can only be a good thing. But I did feel bitter and resentful this morning when John Humphries announced on the Today programme what a lovely day people had had yesterday with "work and school cancelled". Humph. I got an extra hour off to get home but that's it. I really need to move to the country...

Good behaviour over the last couple of days - mostly very good on the food (ie not eating too much of what I'm not supposed to), ran yesterday and today and pushed the speed up a little today too, climbed the escalator, didn't succumb to cold weather treats yesterday (see hot chocolate, whipped cream and marshmallows) and managed to battle inner demon calling for a 2nd square of chocolate again last night.

Bad behaviour - a couple of treaty morsels snuck in and I ate in front of my computer last night - as I had it at home in case of more snow today - so mindlessly.

It's odd how managing to stay largely (and I choose my word with care) on the side of the virtuous makes me feel somehow clean inside. Either you'll understand what I mean or you'll think I'm bonkers. Or possibly both.

Tomorrow I have the day off work to bake for my swansong smack table. I'm making a triple lemon cake, a chocolate cake and probably brownies (with mini dime bars, marshmallows and crushed crunchie bar in) if I can get all the bits. I bought mini Dime bars in Ikea (the only place that seems to sell Dime bars) and for my own sanity (and "waist"line) I think I need to get rid of them - and I'm only likely to do that by baking them into brownie form. I won't be running tomorrow, but aside from some inevitable bowl licking (and I have a super efficient spatula so there shouldn't be much left to scrape off), I should be able to have a day of calm away from the perils of the smack table. And then only 2 days until I leave its evil seduction behind me forever.


Lesley said...

That sounds like the best news of all. You've been stellar by the sound sof it. Is it coming any easier? It sounds easier from your tone, if that makes any sense.

Not sure that I could whip up a lemon cake and brownies and all that heavenly loveliness without some serious licking so I wish you well on that too.

Keep it up....I'm off to read my (only slightly neglected) Beck!!

Lesley x

Mrs said...

Goodbye to the smack table? The legendary Peridot nemesis!!!!

Well, about time too and what a swansong you are giving it. When, not if, you get through tomorrow, I think you will make yourself SUPER proud!!! That would be an achievement and a half. It really would.

I am sensing...a different tone, too. It's really fab to read. You've SOOOO earned your new role - say goodbye to nonsense!!!!

Will be thinking of you.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lard xxxxxxxxx