Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The numbers game

So, Beck tells us that a weigh in is just a number, a snapshot and shouldn't hold any power over us. But I lost nothing, nada, nil, rien, zip this week. Okay, DC isn't as painful as LL - the food is nice and, let's face it, food - and I know I had a pizza, an ice cream and some cake this week but I went running 4 times (grrrr) and I certainly didn't eat what I wanted. I did a calorie count of the last couple of days too and found I was easily coming in under 1200 calories (the DC recommendation) - yesterday I squeaked in at 40cals under (due to extra Nakd bar due to extreme starving feelings - genuinely not psychological) but the day before I had a couple of hundred spare. I expect some pay back, people! Hello? God of diets are you listening? At all?

My darkest fear is that I only lose weight on LL and so spend my life being on chemical dust packs and resenting it bitterly OR stacking weight back on and feeling miserable. I can't live like that and keep my sanity - let alone remain cheerful.

I know, I know, it's just a week. I have to press ahead and see what randomness the god of diets throws my way next week (is it wrong to just wish that time away until I can weigh again in the hope that some good news will set my mood for the next week?).

And pesky life events to throw me off course this week - only a trip to a chick flick with the girls from my old work (I miss them) and then Yo Sushi! Should be manageable. And Valentines - we'll eat at home(rather than being ripped off with substandard lazy food in a restaurant) and it will major on seafood (low cal and yummy) but I guess it will be more than 500 cals - when you factor champagne in anyway! I had been going to suggest we ate out on friday night and then had a quiet dinner at home on Saturday but sadly I'm not going to as a way of conserving calories. Surely that can't be too bad? I need to see those scales shifting (downwards).


Lesley said...

Yeah - I think we got a bit spoilt on LL (I know you had issues with that too). Seeing the scales drop regularly was very affirming. I dropped a lb last week and 2 the week before and it does seem rather paltry.

What's that Peter Kay sketch about WW?? "A lb, I could s**t a lb!!" Coarse, but it made me laugh...rather darkly...

Mrs said...

This is when we love Lesley the most - a down to earth take on it!

What I would say is it would help to reframe - something that I have had to do this week, after being challenged by a LL chum.

How did you cope in abstinence? If you look back at how you managed situations (rather heroically, if my memory serves me correctly), try to take some of that fortitude through.

Which brings us back to Beck...

Hey, the one thing this whole dieting and real life malarkey is that it isn't fair. End of! Once we accept that, we can move on. In theory!!!

You WILL find the way that works for you. Really you will.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxx