Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Flippin' 'eck

That's a pancake reference!

I woke up feeling very tired and very hungry today. I should enjoy Wednesday - it's the only weekday I don't run but have an extra hour in bed - but already I was running through excuses in my mind for not running tomorrow. It's a bit like when I have a piece of chocolate but don't enjoy it because I'm already wanting and thinking about the next piece. I have to stop this behaviour - it's a horrible trait. I wonder if the tiredness and hunger were caused by my over-indulgence in pancakes last night (sugar and white flour). It all went wrong. I decided to have 3 pancakes instead of an evening meal. What actually happened was that I got home absolutely starving and had to wait for bf. So I had a DC snack. And then a tsp peanut butter. And then 2 cheese biscuits (without cheese) and then 8 almonds. And then 5 pancakes - with lemon and sugar (heavy on the lemon). Which I rather gulped down instead of enjoying and savouring - I felt that now familiar feeling of it not quite being as satisfying as I'd hoped, a kind of emptiness/hollowness I suppose, and a bewildered resentment that the experience fell short of my anticipation for some reason. Could be because I was eating and cooking at the same time - whilst bf was on the phone. A friend of ours called with the news that he's going to be a dad. He had a long term girlfriend we used to see (them as a couple) alot - we went on holidays with them even. Then he ended it with her and 4 years later has met, moved in, married and impregnated a new girl. It doesn't quite gel as it used to but I'm glad he's happy and we're still trying hard with his new wife - when we see them which is seldom.

I saw He's Just Not That Into You on Monday. I found it really depressing and haven't quite recovered from that. It was quite true to life for most of the film (in a depressing way - the relationships that the women had with the men) and then, just before the end, it was as if they suddenly realised that they had to sugarcoat it to make it more of a Hollywood chickflick and hastily resolved most of the relationships into happy endings (except for the lady who was married to the orange Barry Manilow lookalike but she was never going to have a happy ever after with him). Don't get me wrong - I love sugarcoated fluff, in fact I think there should be legislation to force this into real life - but it has to be there up front as a fantasy from the start. Otherwise it just highlights the gulf between reality and froth too painfully. AND Jennifer Aniston's hair was so perfect and so straight and glossy and swingy - that was painful too (speaking as one who suffers with kinks and intermittent frizz - can you tell!). Although maybe her hair was there as a visual clue that the film wasn't supposed to actually be true to life...


Mrs said...

Hi Peridot

What a shame. Next time, make sure you enjoy your food and don't beat yourself up - pancakes are ... yummy! I am very jealous!

Mrs L xxx

Lesley said...

I never get the sugar and lemon thing on pancakes...has to be orange and golden syrup for me and D!

Sorry they weren't quite what you wanted in the and learn - hopefully you can use this memory as a tangible reminder to savour and enjoy your fod in the future (especially the treat stuff).

I also agree on Hollywod flicks - they need to be frothy or not frothy - they can't make you feel like crap and then give the characters happy ever afters which you don't believe would happen IRL....that's just not fair!

Happy running tomorrow! ;)

Lesley x