Monday, 9 February 2009


It was a weekend of two halves (football analogy for Lesley there!) - I chose salad options with my brother and neices (sadly the chav-in-law insisted on coming too) but then ate an ice cream with the children. I compensated by having the lowest cal soup option instead of an evening meal but had a handful of peanuts too. So Saturday was not a good day despite about an hour's walk with the labradors in our park (including jumping up at a tree to try and retrieve a dog toy!). Yesterday was exemplary though and although I've had too many plums today (4 - and a small portion of melon) I have otherwise been good so far - including upping my running this morning to 41 mins of 4 mins run, 2 mins walk (4 mins is the longest I've ever run). No more fruit for me today though. I sooo love M&S king plums....

But I weighed myself on Sunday and had put back on the 2lbs I lost last week. I was very sad about it but am hanging on in there and hoping that it's a reaction to the carby stuff of Thursday and Friday (and that ice cream on Saturday) and that I will still see a net loss on Wednesday (weigh in day). Full blown self-flagellation will be delayed until then.

I partially panic ate the plums at my new desk - I had to suddenly do a piece of work that made me feel under pressure to come up with something tip-top (it was more in the adequate bracket). I sped-ate (like speed-dating but more calories - if less humiliation I would guess!). I know that plums are not the worst things to gorge on but it's still dodgy behaviour that I need to be wary of. I've often been accused of speaking with plums in my mouth - this afternoon I did it literally.

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Lesley said...

It doesn't sound too bad. I hope the scales co-operate. I think it sounds as though you were pretty balanced for a weekend with lots on.

I also know what you mean about fruit...I can go a bit mad on it so, even though it's healthy, I'm sabotaging my diet by eating too much. You plums, me satsumas...

I try and moderate it by only buying the nice/tempting stuff occasionally and the rest of the time having uninspiring apples or fiddley to peel oranges in. I'll have one but am not tempted to have more!

Keep it up chuck.

Lesley x